Friday, March 18, 2005

More Dead Baldies

Baldy eagleI jest come across this here story in the Yahoo News an' I figgered I'd best post up sumpin' by way of an update t' my Outrage o' the Week a few weeks ago. They're findin' more leftover parts o' baldy eagles that've been murdered out in BC. I see they got the reward money fer catchin' the killers up t' $10,000 but it's lookin' like that ain't enuff t' get anybuddy t' squeal on the rotten eagle-murderin' bastards.

SURREY - (CP) - Another eight bald eagles have been found slaughtered in North Vancouver.

This brings the number of birds found dead in recent weeks to at least 50. "Eight skulls and six wings were uncovered in an advanced state of decomposition," The Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection said in a news release. It's believed that feathers and talons from the birds are being sold on the black market.

Lord thunderin'... This here outrage is gettin' more'n'more outrageous.

Yores trooly,


Andrew said...

Bloody hell. People who buy things made from eagle feathers are s much to blame as the asshole poachers

JimBobby said...

Whooee! You ain't jest whistlin' The Maple Leaf Ferever, AndrewFeller. We got the coppers all ridin' 'round tryin' t' catch teenage dope-smokers when they oughta be spendin' time bustin' the asses o' sum o' these here feather merchants an' their animal-cruelty customers.


Unknown said...

I hope they find the buggers and do some mean torture to them before they're put in jail.

RossK said...

Yes, absolutely, and it is very, very likely some sort of blackmarket bad/evil business.....

....but, if one had a whole lotta Reynolds(notJohn) Wrap on one's head they might wonder if this is some sort of crazy Canuckistani destabilization plan serving as a prelude to pre-emptive invasion designed to prevent the destruction of a Rovian Patriot Act Laptop Icon or something like that.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! It'd be good if we could pin the blame on the Merkins, GazetteWriter, but I reckon we got ourselves sum homegrown asswipes doin' the dirty dealin' in this eagle-killin' caper. I'd like t' see the horseyback ridin' police fellers get their asses in gear an' start takin' this serious. I'm losing faith in them RCMP's, though, on accounta how they dropped the football in that Air Indee deal. I got more t' growse about regardin' the horseyback boys, too, an' that's goin' inta a whole new boog story 'bout shoppin' carts.