Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Frozen Albertan Comes Back From the Dead

Whooee! I was watchin' one o' them there medical dramas onto the TV a week or so ago where they took some pore sufferin' soul an' throwed 'em in a big ol' tub o' ice cubes. I can't remember whether it was that Medical Investigation show on Friday nights where every week they save the whole ding-dong world from total anhiliation or if it was the one with the gimpy feller, House. House is really a limey an' he played Bertie Wooster an' also was the Prince on Blackadder. Now, he's a grumpy Merkin an' every week he's all confuddled by a mysterious disease an' he tries every which thing til he nearly kills the pore sufferin' soul an' finally lands on the right pills.

Now down in Mexico there was this here Canajun feller from Alberty who got hisself all smashed up an' drownded by a big wave. I guess he was purty much DOA by the sounds of it. Wasn't breathin' fer sumpin' like 45 minutes and then they started pumpin' air inta his lungs an' they took'm up t' Houston. Up there, they jest about give up on'm an' I guess they figgered they got nuthin' t' lose so they froze'm fer a few days.

When they thawed'm out, he was jest about good as new an' they's callin' it a science fiction medical miracle.

Notes from the patient medical file read 'Patient remains deadly ill' and 'Chance of recovery less than one percent.' With nothing to lose, Dr. Varon had to think outside the box and outside medical protocol.

"That's why we decided to go with a form of therapy which probably wouldn't be used by other clinicians," said Dr. Varon. "I froze him."

It's called hypothermic therapy. It's used on heart attack patients, but never for a drowning case until now. O'reilly was wrapped in a cooling blanket and his body temperature was lowered to 90 degrees, which is enough to freeze to death. But he was kept on life-support.

The treatment was allowing O'reilly's body to hibernate and to heal. On the third day – his birthday -- he awoke.

"I've come back from the dead," he told us.

Whooee! That's better'n them made up fake TV shows anyday. Read all about it.

Yores trooly,


Anonymous said...

Fake TV Show you watched was House Md. on Fox.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer settin' me straight. I knew it was one o' those two on accounta they's the only two doctor shows I ever watch. That House is a caution, ain't he? He's such miserable cuss an' he's always poppin' pills an' he sure ain't politickal correct, no two ways. I like'm. I only seen'm get punched once but it's a wonder more people don't give'm a good slap upside the head.

Yores trooly,

Psychols said...

House is enjoyable. The story is always the same. He almost kills his patient and acts rude. In the end he cures his patient and acts rude. I'm guessing he is supposed to care about his patients, but pretends not to.

The story you posted about those yanks saving our Alberta lad with a creative treatment was uplifting.

Keep up the good work JimBobby. Yer boog is funnier than the day cousin Cleates got caught donning his sisters corset.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer chimin' in, CycleRider.

Yeah. I seen ol' House again this week. Same deal. I reckon sum folks'll get tired o' the same ol' story week after week. If I was actin' in that there show, I'd be tired o' doin' the deja vu.

Mebbe they gotta get the team out on a road trip an' bring 'em up here t' Canadee t' take a looksee at what ails our healthcare system.

Yores trooly,