Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Socks fer the Sockless

Whooee! I jest seen a CP story in the Yahoo News that warmed the cockles o' my toes. There's this here sock-knittin' outfit name o' Macgregor that makes them there Happy Foot socks an' they're givin' away 6500 pairs o' socks t' the pore ol' homeless fellers an' gals in Victoria out in BC.

By the sounds of it, all it took was sumbuddy askin' n' bein' persistent an' the sock-makers finally sed okay they'd give away 13000 socks. The sumbuddy who was puttin' the squeeze on the clan Macgregor was a feller named Michael Bloomfield. I ain't sure if he's the selfsame Michael Bloomfield who plays hisself a mean-ass blues guitar. I wonder if them sock-makers mebbe thought it was Michael Bloomberg who sits in the mayor's office down in New York City.
McGregor Socks, Canada's largest sock manufacturer, donated 6,500 pairs of socks to Victoria's homeless after a Victoria resident decided to call the company's head office in Toronto last fall.

"I just looked on the Internet and said, 'who's the chairman?"' Michael Bloomfield said Wednesday.

"I sent a letter and followed it up with a phone call and just kept (the chairman) on the phone until we had a Yes," he said. "We have people in need here. I appealed to him to help us here."
They done a good thing, sez I.

Yores trooly,


Darcey said...

Add in a warm potato and your good all night

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