Friday, April 21, 2006

Dumbass OPP Tryin' fer Another Ipperwash

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I seen sum dumbass moves in my day. Shee-it! I even made a coupla dumbass moves myself. I'm damned if I can think of any dumbass move more dumbass than what the idjit OPP done yesterday. Let's git one thing straight. These here Six Nations fellers an' gals ain't terrists an' they weren't violent or threatenin' violence when the dumbass OPP decided t' declare war an' come stormin' in before sun-up with all sortsa weapons drawn.

The OPP numbnutses took what was a smalltime troublem an' turned inta a bigtime schmozzle, no two ways. I reckon we'll be forced t' go through all o' the selfsame bullshit we been goin' through when the OPP killed little Dudley George back in '95. That crapplola's still hittin' the fan, fer Chrissakes.

Before yesterday, these Native fellers an' gals was havin' themselves a peaceful blockade. I live purty closeby t' Caledonia an' I been keepin' an' eye on this thing since back at the end o' Febuary when the Six Nations folks sed enuff's enuff an' stopped sum bigass house developer from buildin' houses on land that got given t' the Natives way back in 1784.

Here's the dumbest part. The Confederacy was doin' sum passin' o' the peacepipe with sum gummint folks. The land they're fightin' over is a hunnert an' sum acres. The gummint was offerin' t' trade 6500 acres sumwheres else fer the hunnert an' sum at Douglas Creek. Talks was happenin'. Then the the OPP come ridin' in an' now all talks is off.

Not only that, the protesters was all peaceful before they got attacked in the middle o' the night. Now, they're burnin' down things like bridges an' they're tossin' trucks offa overpasses an' who knows what else. I'm pointin' the finger o' blame right at the dumbass OPP. Sumbuddy oughta get their dumbass fired. Police is supposed t' keep the peace. They ain't supposed t' turn non-violence inta viloence. That's the OPPosite o' what the OPP shoulda done an' whoever ordered that raid should be poundin' the pavement lookin' fer a job as a WalMarket security guard.

Back in '95 when ol' Dudley George got shot dead by the OPP, everybuddy was all confused over who was givin' the orders an' jest lately we hadta go through a bigass inquiry where everybuddy sed they wasn't responsible. I say let's start the Douglas Creek inquiry right now. Today. Ipperwash gave 'em the blueprint. It's fresh in everybuddy's mind right now. The OPP's gotta answer fer turnin' non-violence inta violence. The OPP's gotta answer fer causin' negotiations t' break down.

Nobuddy's got killed in Caledonia, yet. That's jest good luck more'n good management, sez I. Drag the OPP boss inta court. Today. Make'm tell where the orders come from. Today. If they don't get called on the carpet today, sure-as-shit sumbuddy's gonna get killed an' we'll be moanin' 'bout it fer years t' come an' the crookedass lawyers'll come out on top an' the sorryass Natives'll be scratchin' their heads wond'rin' what happened t' their land.

How 'bout Ipperwash? Did the Stony Pointers get their land back? Canajuns oughta all be hangin' our sorryass heads in shame fer the way we walked all over the First Nations who was here first. We got us a national disgrace an' we jest won't admit it. Back in the 60's when anti-Vietnam war protesters was bein' brutalized by the cops an' the TV cameras was turned on, the protesters chanted t' remind everybuddy that "the whole world is watching."

The whole world's watchin' Caledonia. The whole world's gettin' another eyeful o' how Canadee treats its First Nations aboriginal folks. If yer a Ontariariario taxpayer like ol' JimBobby, yer tax money's gettin' spent wagin' war on peaceful Natives. Yer tax money's bein' spent on a fat salary fer sum OPP boss who don't know his ass from a hole in the ground. Yer gummint's been robbin' land from the Natives fer a few hunnert years an' if yer a believer in democracy, then yer responsible fer what yer gummint does. The people - that's you an' me - are boss over the OPP an' not the other way 'round. We gotta hold these warmakers responsible an' we gotta fire their stoopid asses before sumbuddy gets shot.

Yores trooly,

Monday, April 17, 2006

Steve From The West - (Song, MP3 audio-boog)

Whooee! Well friends, it's been ages since I done any boogin'. I ain't got any good excuse 'cept fer plain ol' laziness. I'm hopin' t' make up fer my lack o' boog stories lately with a little song I recorded all 'bout our bran' new Pryminister Stevie Harpoon. You can download the MP3 audio boog if you jest click here.

Steve From The West

Didya ever hear tell of ol' Steve from the west,
Who thought the Conservative Party was best?
He won the election with jest enuff seats,
An' the crooked ol' Lib'ruls went down to defeat.

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

Ol' Steve sed he never would do stuff like them,
Now that he's got the initials, "P.M."
Make the gummint accountable, that's what he'll do,
But I'm won'drin' who it's accountable to.

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

The voters don't matter in Emerson's case,
He ran fer the Lib'ruls an' he won his race.
To the shock o' the voters, t' the Tories he switched.
Now, the winners is losers, thanks t' that sunnobitch.

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

Ol' Steve was a-stumpin' on Senate reform,
An unelected upper house jest ain't the norm.
As soon as he's bossman, t' the voters' dismay,
Harpoon made a Senator outta Michael Fortier.

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

Now Steve's in the engine and not the caboose,
But wouldn'tcha know, he's got an excuse,
If he don't get it done, then it's easy t' see,
The blame's on the voters fer the minority.

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

Ol' Stevie went over t' the Merkin side,
Where he an' the Bushman went on a horse ride.
Stevie got tips on supportin' the troops,
An' Georgie got someone t' buy his horse poop.

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

I hear we got troublems with another mad cow,
Steve's friendship with George'll be tested now.
Can Steve sell our cattle an' spruce two-by-fours,
Or do we keep on knock-knockin' on Georgie-boy's door?

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

We also got troublems with crime an' with guns,
Steve sez he'll get tuff an' the bad guys should run.
The shoot-em-up bad boys face incarceration,
An' to show 'em he means it, he scraps gun registration.

Well fellers an' gals, that's the end o' my song.
I hope you enjoyed it. It didn't last long.
In this here democracy, we deserve what we git,
Horsepuckey, polyticks an' plain ol' bullshit.

Singin' toorili-oorali-oorali-eh.

Once again, fellers an' gals, click right here t' getcherself an earful o' JimBobby.

Yores trooly,