Tuesday, March 15, 2005

HarperDog Gets Fixed by Doctor

Hound Harper won't huntWhooee! One o' my boogin' buddies name o' Mark from over t' Section 15 has hisself a good little boog story 'bout this here pitcher o' Stevie Harpoon that's makin' the rounds in the Big "C" emailboxes.

Mark's boog links t' a story in the Ottywa Sun where they tell more about Harper the short-haired pointer's tail of woe.

It's a funny pitcher, no two ways. Sumpin' else struck me funny, too, was the caption they put underneath the pitcher in the Ottywa Sun. They made sure they told everybuddy it's a "doctored" photo, like mebbe their Sun readers might think ol' Harpoon really grew hisself a dog's body. I reckon the Sun's captioneers oughta have a good idee about jest how smart their readers are.


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Darcey said...

That doctored bit makes me want to pee