Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Marijuana Party Animal Gets in Liberal Tent

Whooee! The Big "L" gritfellers has got themselves a new best friend an' he's bringin' the hoonie t' the party. Only 'bout 4 years ago, Marc-Boris St-Maurice started up the Marijuana Party of Canadee. Land sakes! That feller's got more hyphens than JimBobby has possterfees. Now ol' Boris Morris's throwin' in the towel on his own little pot party an' he's gonna be passin' the joints around inside o' that big tent the gritfellers is always braggin' about.

Now, ol' JimBobby ain't sayin' he's prudefeller who ain't never took hisself a puff or two but I ain't so sure this is the kinda friend Fartin' Martin an' his cabinetful o' ministers want takin' up the lotus position inside o' their big wigwam. Ol' Boris sez he thinks he ken do a better job fer the dope-smokin' constituency from inside the Big "L" camp. I guess he was too stoned t' notice that the gritfellers is hangin' onta power by the skin o' their teeth.

Mebbe the Pryminister's boys'll be able t' get the selfsame sexy marryin' bill passed an' I hope they do. I figger they's enuff Canajuns ain't too worried 'bout their younguns turnin' queer jest cause we got legal boy-boy girl-girl weddin's. They's plenty o' Canajuns that do worry 'bout their kiddies tokin' in the schoolyard, though, an' if they see Fartin' Martin gettin' too cosy with this here Boris Weedsmoker, they might think twice before castin' their votes in the Liberal direction.

Now, I'm a live-an'-let-live kinda feller an' I figger the gummint's got no bizness pokin' 'round the bedrooms lookin' fer boy knob gobblers or gals munchin' carpet. I ain't so sure that this here dope-smokin' is as harmless as selfsame sex or as ol' Boris might be sayin' it is. I reckon I exhaled a brain cell or two over the years an' I reckon there's gotta be sum sorta lid on this stuff t' keep it away from the kiddies.

I'd say here's a chance fer ol' Stevie t' toss the harpoon an' I figger he'd get more folks onta his side 'bout this legal dope deal than on the selfsame sexy thing. Either that or take sum preemie-emptive moves an' come out fer makin' it more legal than the leftylibs an' showin' how the gummint ken be live-an'-let-live an' make sum dough on taxin' the sinful pot-puffers like they tax other sinnin' like whiskey drinkin' an' beer drinkin' an' tabacky smokin' an' lottery gamblin'.

Yores trooly,

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