Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Milly Parker Bowlin-Pin, the next Queen o' Canadee

Milly Paker BowlinPinWhooee! Here's a pitcher o' the next Queen o' Canadee. Sum Canajuns ain't onta the fact that ol' Queen Liz ain't jest Queen o' Merrie Olde Englande. She's Queen o' Canadee, too. An' now ol' Prince JugEars is marryin' up with his longtime mistressgal, Milly Parker Bowlin-Pin. Milly sez she don't wanna be Queen o' England but it's lookin' like if she marries Chuckie, she's gonna be queen whether she wants t' be or she don't.

I reckon mebbe when they have the changin' o' the guard an' ol' Lizzie gives up the ghost, that'd be a good time fer Canadee t' give the royal pains in the ass the ol' heave-ho. Lord thunderin'! T' think we still bow an' scrape fer blue-bloods in the civilized world an' in the 21st century.

Yores trooly,


RossK said...

Is it just me or......did they put on the dental vermeers just a wee bit crooked?

JimBobby said...

Whooee! She ain't much t' look at. Specially, next t' pore ol' Lady Di. Makes you wonder 'bout ChuckFeller's judgment an' whether he ain't outta his mind an' talkin' t' plants an' mebbe too nutty t' wear the crown an' be King o' Canadee.


ricky said...

Nutty, yes, wierd yes. Getting rid of the Monarchy is just so scary. I mean can you just imagine all those constitutional conferences and another national referendum.

We will have to agree on Senate changes, official languages, a President, making three new provinces out of territories, aboriginal rights, off shore drilling rights for BC and three new provinces, equalization payments, childcare and air canada.

It will be a nightmare. Heck, there would be enough in the referendum to ensure we never change!