Friday, March 18, 2005

King Ralph Gets Sensible

Whooee! If you been readin' my blatherin' boog fer any time at all, you know what I think about the selfsame sexy marryin'. What I been sayin' ferever an ' a day is that ol' Harpoon an' the rest o' the growsers oughta face facts an' see that boy-boy girl-girl weddin's is a done deal an' there ain't no point wastin' everybuddy's time fightin' a losin' battle.

Well, at least one sensible feller's doin' like I sed an' throwin' in the towel. Ol' King Ralph Klein from outta Alberty sez he's done fightin' an' he ain't gonna try notwithstandin'. Anybuddy could see that there ain't any way o' withstandin' queers on the warpath an' I gotta give ol' RalphieBoy credit fer acceptin' them things he can't change like they taught him at AA.

Ol' KleinFeller's got bigger fish t' fry fer his people, the Western Alien Alberts. They got the damn Yankees blockadin' the border an' holdin' back the drovers who's tryin' t' move the herds o' beefs over the line t' Merka. An' I spose Ralphie's gotta figger out how t' squeeze more drops o' oil from outta them there tarry sand dunes. An' the Alien Alberts got doctor troublems jest like the rest of us. I hear tell KleinFeller's got sum bright idees fer openin' up private doctor's offices an' alky clinics.

King Ralph's a smart feller fer knowin' a lost cause when he sees one an' fightin' against queers was never a manly fight anyways. Mebbe he can talk sum sense inta the Harpoontosser an' get ol' Stevie t' leave off fightin' a lost war an' get onta things that matter.

Yores trooly,

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