Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Price o' Mens Haircuts Goin' Up - Ginty's Liberals to Blame

Whooee! I jest seen me the stoopidest damn thing I seen in I can't remember when. This dumb dumb dumb dumbass remember o' the Ontrariariario provendential parliment is out t' get the price o' everything us men buy fer ourselves jacked up. This here numbnuts is one o' the Dalton gang that's runnin' Queen's Park parliment so his stoopid stoopid stoopid idee might jest get passed inta law like when they made my pitbulls illegal.

Here's a little bit from offa the CBC -
TORONTO - Haircuts, dry cleaning and clothes could soon cost the same for men and women in Ontario if a bill currently before the legislature passes.

Liberal Lorenzo Berardinetti, who is pushing the bill to outlaw what he calls "gender-based pricing," says there is no good reason why men and women should pay different prices for similar products and services.

"It's a form of discrimination ... that should have been removed a long time ago," Berardinetti told the Toronto Star.
This Berardinetti genius thinks that his wife pays too much fer her haircuts an' her suits o' clothes. Everybuddy's wife growses that stuff costs too much. Live with it, sez I.

The way the CBC article's wrote, it makes it seem like the damn fool idjits that're behind this dumbass idee think it'll lower down the cost o' ladies' stuff an' not push up the price o' mens' stuff.

Lord Thunderin' Jeezuz, what in the hell are they thinkin'?



Mark Richard Francis said...

Loony alert!

I've heard of this issue before. This can't be settled by legislation! How silly!

And yet, liberal thinkers like myself get identified with it.


Anonymous said...

As long as my car insurance is reduced to what my wife pays, I'll pay 5 bucks more for my haircuts!!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Yer right, Markfeller. There's always sum numbnuts at every damn party who ends up wearin' a lampshade on his head an' makin' an' idjit of hisself with sumdamn fool blatherin' horsepuckey. It makes everybuddy who tolerates the jackass look a little on the dumbass side. You'd best tell yer party faithful they oughta be thinkin' o' holdin' sum sorta intervention on this BerardiFeller.

NarcFeller, thankee fer droppin' by. If yer here on accounta you readin' my booger profile an' me sayin' that dope-smokin' is one o' my interests, you oughta know that most o' that profile is pure bullshit. You needn't pay no nevermind.

As fer waitin' fer the car insurance ripoff kings t' lower their rates fer every manjack in 'Tario so's yer payin' the selfsame money as yer missus, ferget about it. If they bring yers down t' meet hers haffway, they'll jest bring hers up t' meet yers haffway. You an' yer wifemate'll be payin' the same in the end. Probbly more, on accounta them ripoff artists'll claim that rejiggin' the policy prices costed 'em a few mil an' they gotta work that inta the new price.

Yores trooly,