Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ol' Spot's New Buddy

Whooee! I'm late postin' up my boog story today on accounta I got company here from outta town. My buddy Jonfeller showed up with his coalie dog, Buddy. Buddy's been here before over a year ago but Ol' Spot never met Buddy til this afternoon. So far, so good. Ol' Spot's a frisky little neutered feller an' Buddy's a male stud with nuts. They both can be testy with other dogs so Jonfeller an' I were wonderin' if they'd mebbe tear each other's throats out when they met.

Good news is they got along fine. We let 'em meet each other outside the house them we took 'em down t' the soybean field an' turned 'em loose. They chased some sticks an' sniffed each other's asses an' seem t' be happy as Larry. After they ran around together fer 40 minutes or so, they're jest like Ink an' Spink.

Ol' Spot invited Buddy inta the house an' they been playin' nice together inside an' only snarled once, so far. Here's their pitcher -

Ol' Spot's the black an' white coalie dog an' Buddy's the brown an' white coalie dog. Spot's 'bout 16 months old. Buddy's about 8 years.

Well, faithful readers, like I sed, I got company from outta town an' there's some refreshments an' mind-adulteratin' drugs t' be had. I'll come back tomorrow with a scathin' polytickal analysis. Today, yer gettin' human interest.

Yores trooly,

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