Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nuke Accident Downplayed -- As Usual

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, here we go again. Over in Japan, they had an earthquake an' they had a fire an' leaks at the world's biggest nuclear power plant.

First, the nuke plant operators said there were no leaks. For several hours after they knew they had a problem, they kept their mouths shut.

Then, they said there was a tiny leak that didn't pose any threat.

Then, they said that the leak was 50% bigger than they first said it was but it's still nothin' to worry about, sez they. 325 gallons of radioactive water just got washed in to the ocean. Drop in the bucket, sez they.

Then, they said there was about 100 barrels of low level radioactive waste that fell over and some of the lids come off.

Then, they said it was really 400 and not 100.

Then, the mayor of the city where the nuke plant is shut down the plant indefinitely. He ain't too happy about the way the plant operators kept the public in the dark fer so long. Maybe he ain't too sure they ain't still coverin' up. I know I ain't. Some industry watchers is sayin' it's worse than Three Mile Island.

Here in Nanticoke, Ginty's all gung-ho about buildin' a new nuke plant so's he can shut down the smokin' chuggin' coal-fired generator we got pollutin' the air. I reckon this situation in Japan oughta make ol' Dalton take another look. If he thinks we're ready to accept that sorta risk an' he won't run into a bigass fight, he's dreamin' in radioactive technicolour.

But, we don't have earthquakes in Ontariariario, so we ain't got nothin' to worry about. Right?

Wrong. We do have earthquakes and tremors here in GintyLand and also out in Lake Erie and just across the pond over in Ohio an' Pennsylvania. There's a whole whack o' faults under Lake Erie and in Southwestern Ontariariario. Out on the lake, they got a few gas wells. Some farmers got gas wells on their property 'round here, too. That travels underground in the faults. If there weren't faultlines, there wouldn't be any natural gas down there.

Why does Ginty wanna put Ontarians into the same jeopardy and danger as them poor Japanese?


Monday, July 16, 2007

SPP Challenge - Results Coming In

Whooee! Last week, I come up with a poll idea. The idea was fer a few Canajun boogers to personally survey friends, acquaintances, total strangers, stor clerks or anybuddy they can a simple question: "Have you ever heard of SPP?"

I asked 47 people. Not a single one had ever heard of SPP. Some guessed (incorrectly). After getting a negative response, I asked 'em if they'd ever heard of the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Not a single one of my 47 subjects had ever heard of it.

I didn't give 'em any handouts but I did tell my interviewees that they should keep an eye out fer SPP in the news and that they'd maybe hear more about it in August when Dubya comes callin'.

Most of my interviewees were relatively well-educated and informed. Most of 'em, I knew by name.

As more results come in, I'll post 'em up here and link to the boogs.

Green Assassin Brigade took me up on the challenge and has his results publicated this mornin'. He found a solitary person among his 27 interviewees who had some idea of what SPP is.


Keep Convicts Out of Canada

Whooee! I was just over to Stageleft and I left a comment on Conrad the Crook. Balbulican's boogin' on how some Boogin' Tories are all sympathetic to poor old Conrad. The editorial in this mornin's Brantford Suppositor was addressed to Immigration Minister Diane Finley, my MP. They was urgin' Diane to keep Black outta Canada. I'm right alongside 'em.

A convicted criminal
Editorial - Monday, July 16, 2007 @07:00

Don't do it, Diane Finley. Don't give Conrad Black a break on visiting Canada - even for a day. Black is a convicted felon. A U.S. jury found him guilty Friday of three counts of fraud and one count of obstruction of justice.

In 2001, Black gave up his Canadian citizenship in order to accept a British peerage.

We don't ask Immigration Minister Finley to give Black special treatment. She simply needs to apply the rules for any non-Canadian criminal and keep Black out of our country.

It doesn't matter that Black is an egocentric, arrogant jerk. Being a jerk is not a criminal offence.

But it does matter that he ignored a court order not to remove documents from his Toronto office. Security cameras caught Black carrying boxes of documents to his car.

He also has been found guilty of defrauding millions of dollars from stockholders by demanding payments from buyers of newspapers. Supposedly, the money was to assure Black, and others, didn't compete in new ventures. The prosecution called it diverting money from stockholders.

Six years ago, Black renounced his Canadian citizenship "as an impediment to my progress in another more amenable jurisdiction (the U.K.)"

Fine. Black knew what he wanted. Canada was too small-time for him. Now let him live with his decision. (more)

Dang right! Black is a convicted felon who showed contempt for Canada and contempt for the law. He deserves absolutely no support from Canadians. Canadians are among the stockholders who were ripped off by Black.

I cannot understand why any Canadian would support this criminal.

Monarchy lovers should be aghast at the shame his Lordship has brought to the peerage.

Big business lovers should be aghast at the disrepute and suspicion Black has brought to top level CEO’s everywhere.

Canadian patriots should be aghast at the way Black denounced his Canadian citizenship when it suited his personal ambitions.

How can patriotic Canadian conservative monarchists have any respect for a man who has done so much to discredit their cause?

The Cons are always sayin’ they ain’t afraid to call a spade a spade. Howcum they’re afraid to call a crook a crook?

One o' the stoopidest musical comedies of all time is Bye Bye Birdie. For some inexplicable reason, this topical 1960's out-dated work continues to be performed in high schools. Here in Norfolk County, it was performed this year. Back in 1966, when I was in high school, it was performed at my school. At least, it was somewhat relevent back then.

I reckon maybe the Conrad Black worshippers are singin' a song from outta that there dumbass play.

We love you Conrad
Oh yes we do
We love you Conrad
And will be true
When you're not near to us
We're blue
Oh, Conrad, we love you!

Why? Who knows?


Friday, July 13, 2007

Conrad's Prison Tattoos

Whooee! I was just leavin' a comment over to Stageleft on ol' Conrad Black's guilty verdict an' how maybe his lordship's gonna be rubbin' shoulders with mother-rapers an' father-stabbers. I got to wonderin' what sort prison tattoos ol' Conrad'll be sportin' when he gets out in 20 years, or so.
I wonder if he an' Barbie'll get the conjugatin' visits.
He ain't spent a night in jail, yet. Maybe he never will.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

SPP Challenge - Blogosphere-Meatspace Crossover Poll

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, ol' JB's chewin' nails an' fartin' tacks. I been readin' about how the RCMP, Surete Q-Beck an', get this, the US Army stopped the Council of Canadians from holding an informational meeting regarding the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

While I was postin' a comment over to Stageleft, I got thinkin' about how SPP has been flyin' under the radar. I got a boogin' poll that might help bring this festerin' boil to a head.

Here's how the poll works -
  1. Read up on SPP. Here, too.
  2. Over a few days, ask as many people as you can if they've ever heard of SPP or the Security and Prosperity Partnership for North America.
  3. Keep track of the percentage or fraction of those who got a clue an' those who ain't.
  4. Publish the results on yer boog.

Pretty easy, sez I.

If enough people do it, we could get a good idea of just how far under the radar SPP is flyin'.

I'm plannin' on askin' people startin' today and endin' on Sunday. I'll be goin' to some o' the Friday the 13th festivities over in Port Dover this weekend so I'll see more folks than on a usual weekend. I ain't sure I'll be askin' too many Hell's Angels about deep integration, though.

If yer interested in takin' part an' you let me know, I'll update this here post with a link to yer boog. I'll try to do some sorta tabulation of the combined results... or else, I'll find somebuddy who likes that sorta number crunchin'. Dang! This is startin' to sound like work.


UPDATE: Erik's on board. Sounds like Red Tory and Stageleft are, too. And Woman at Mile 0. Whooee! More pollsters - Green Assassin Brigade, skdadl at POGGE and AnnaMarie at Verbena-19.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Fighting for Western Values?

Whooee! A coupla days ago, I seen a newspaper quotin' Jimmy Flaherty. He said that we're there in Afghanistan to fight for western values.


Canadian values? We're fightin' fer a warlord-ruled narco-state that has enshrined Shari'a law into its new constitution and is officially named The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Canadian values? Under NEW Afghan law, anyone who converts from Islam to Christianity is subject to the death penalty.

Canadian values? Since the ouster of the Taliban and the beginning of the NATO campaign, Afghanistan has become the world's top producer of opium. The country we're dyin' fer supplies 90% of the world opium market.

Canadian values? The Afghan Human Rights Commission says it has no ability to monitor the treatment of detainees. Serious, credible allegations of torture exist but our gummint sluffs it off an' passes the buck to the ineffective Afghan human rights group.

We are not there to support Canadian values. We are there to support warlords, opium dealers, the international heroin trade and the double-dealin' Karzai who admits to being involved in secret talks with the Taliban for the same months when 50+ Canajun soldiers was killed. I wonder what they been talkin' about.


P.s. Most o' this here boog story was wrote up as a comment over to the What Do I Know Grit's fine boog.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Afghan Mission Creeps into Pakistan

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, the war in Afghanistan just got bigger.

Now, NATO's got permission to go over into Pakistan to kill Talibans. I ain't sure whether this'll help things in Afstan any. I pretty much figger it's a doomed mission. (h/t

What I do figger this'll mean is that the Merkans'll wage some air strikes inside Pakistan and there'll be some civilians killed. You don't hafta be Kreskin to predict Merkan air strikes and civilian casualties and public outrage and anti-Merkan sentiments risin'. Why would Pakistan be any different than EyeRack or Afghanistan?

Ol' Pervez Musharrif's hangin' onta power by military force, alone. When the Merkans bomb a madrassa in Waziristan, MushMan's power'll be put to the test. I reckon NATO might just be sowin' the seeds of a Pakistan civil war.

I been doin' a bit a yammerin' in some comments gabfests here an' there. Mostly in reaction to our six brave soldiers dying at the hands of the talibans. I reckon we got us a doomed mission. The Merkans lost interest and took most o' their men and money over to EyeRack. Now that they made asses of themselves there, they're takin' a fresh look at Afghanistan.

Only thing is, they wanna keep usin' air power and they keep killin' the wrong people when they do that. The mess in Afstan ain't gonna get fixed by Merkan bombs.

Here's what we got in Afghanistan -- a warlord-ruled narco-state officially known as the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The new constitution enshrines Shari'a law. Conversion from Islam to Christianity is a death penalty offense. Afghanistan supplies 90% of the world's opium. Opium is the mainstay of the economy but has only become the mainstay since the ouster of the anti-drug talibans.

Sounds like a bad place, right? Sounds like maybe we should be fightin' to create that shinin' beacon of democracy George W. talked about before we signed on, right?

Wrong. We ain't fightin' against any o' that bad stuff. We fightin' for it. We're fightin' and dyin' to prop up the warlord-ruled narco-state Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.