Sunday, March 27, 2005

Outrage o' the Week

Whooee! This week fer my weekly rantin' ravin' outrage boog story, I'm takin' on the biggest gunslinger of 'em all - George W. Bush, President o' the Universe. Ol' Dubya's got his priorities screwed on in the wrong places, sez I.

Most folks remember the Columbine school shootin' when a coupla high school nutjobs came t' school an' killed 15 people. It was all over the news fer weeks an' every public official was up on his hind legs spoutin' off on what tragedy it was an' how it ought never happen again. Well, it did happen again last Monday when a Native American nutjob in Minnysoty went inta his school an' shot dead 7 kids an' that was after he'd already killed his grandma an' grandpappy. Then he killed his own self.

What's got me chewin' nails an' fartin' tacks is the idee that Bushfeller waited til yesterday before sayin' diddly-all 'bout this here bigass massacre. Meantime, he makes a special airplane trip jest so he can stick his nose inta the Terry Shiavo ethical medicine show. How come it took GeorgieBoy 6 days t' come out an' say sumpin' 'bout the terrible shootin'?

Think o' how quick all our Canajun polytickal bigshots jumped up an' sed mostly the right things when them 4 horseyback policefellers got shot. Compare that t' Bushfeller waitin' 6 days t' get up on his hind legs when it's sum First Nations people gettin' all murdered. Sum o' the Merkin Native fellers ain't too happy with BushieBoy, no two ways.
Clyde Bellecourt, a Chippewa Indian who is the founder and national director of the American Indian Movement in Red Lake, said Bush's response came too late. "He should have been the first one to reach out to the Red Lake Indian community," he said.
I reckon ol' GeorgeDubya mebbe hadta consult with his Pentagon advisors an' Charlton Chestnut before he could open his yap an' say what needed sayin'. This here bizness o' kids killin' kids with guns ain't right. There's a buncha Natives in Minnysotee feelin' a world o' hurt. Their president oughta been standin' alongside o' them right away an' not 6 days later.

Yores trooly,


ricky said...

Just as it took Bush almost a week to respond to the asian disaster on boxing day he takes six days to address the situation here.

In both cases he failed to react in a timely fashion, my guess is they are not good white folks! Has this occured in Texas or in Florida, Bush would have been all over it.

Anonymous said...

I doubt many in this Native American community are members of the new ruling class in the US - Religious Fanatics R Us. A man must prioritize - after all these people aren't white, southern, rich, or media "celebrities" (like the Schindlers) - a busy man like Bush must divide his time wisely. He can't ignore the wailings of his base to address an "Indian" issue. Besides - I think Native American concerns are considered to be "liberal" concerns. You can see the man’s dilemma.

Psychols said...

I'm with you 100% JimBobby. My mother in law says that Bush’s “choose life” slogan is politicking and that the man is generally unconcerned with the life, or death of others. She points to the number of executions that occurred in Texas when Bush was governor and the fact that he never bothered to stop a single one. She also argues that he only shows passing remorse for dead soldiers when it suits him politically and never remorse for dead Iraqi's.

When he ignores the Tsunami for almost a week and this for so long, what she says definitely rings true.

Anonymous said...

Err Rick you are aware that Bush spoke 3 days following the US deployment of the USS Abraham Lincoln to the tsunami zone? Perhaps you were confused by Canada's "amateur" 16-days-late DART response to the crisis And nice try with the race card. Don't you think Canada would have had an annual day of mourning had Air India involved a plane full of white Canadians flying between Toronto and Vancouver?

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