Thursday, March 17, 2005

Civilian Servants Short o' Shitpaper

Whooee! Yer always hearin' sum Canajun growsers pissin' an' moanin' 'bout how we Canajuns is numbnutses an' we oughta be more like the Merkins. I sed so myself jest the other day when I was bitchin' 'bout the gravy train, upper house, polytickal patronage, retirement home fer friends o' pryministers that we call the Senate o' Canadee. I sed mebbe we oughta have a senate that's more like what the Merkins have.

So, I hadta laff when I seen this AP news story in the Yahoo News tellin' 'bout sum Merkins from Buffalo in Noo York, jest across the mighty Niagara River from Canadee.

Employees Bring Own Toilet Paper to Work

BUFFALO, N.Y. - The Buffalo area's county budget crisis is taking a toll on the bathrooms in at least one public building. Erie County has had to slash 2,000 jobs and cut back on services in order to close a more than $100 million budget shortfall.

In the Rath Building in downtown Buffalo, workers report that the bathrooms aren't being cleaned or maintained. One longtime worker in the building tells Buffalo's WGRZ-TV that there's no soap, paper towels or toilet paper in the restrooms.

The Rath Building is home to many county offices, including those of County Executive Joel Giambra, the Department of Social Services and the Health Department.

It's so bad, some county employees are bringing in their own toilet paper and other supplies. The worker told WGRZ that's "like working in another country — a bad country."

Richest country in the world, my ass! Them pore Merkin bastards gotta bring their own asswipe in t' work an' here in Canadee we got sum asswipes involved in this here $100 million Adscam deal could use five dollar bills fer shitpaper an' never blink an' eye.

Yores trooly,

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_Woodn't solving the Cdn/US lumber dispute result in cheaper paper products for them?