Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ol' Martin's New Buddy

Whooee! Well, yesterday while my coalie dog was playin' host t' his new friend, GeorgieBoy Bushfeller was playin' host t' a coupla naybers. Pryminister PollyWolly Fartin' Martin an' Vincentay el Zorro, the Fox, got the invite fer visitin' Dubya's ranch down in Texas. I guess they had some birds an' crayfish fer lunch an' gabbed a bit an' then sed they's gonna try t' be good naybers.

So far, I ain't heard nuthin' 'cept Dubya an' ol' Fartin' Martin got along palsy-walsy enuff. I din't hear if they got the guns out an' did any squirrel shootin' or horseyback ridin'. I ain't heard whether they sang any songs around the campfire like When Brian's Eyes Were Smilin' .

Ol' Dubya sed after that they're gonna do stuff t' make tradin' back an' forth across the border easier an' they're gonna work together on keepin' the evil damn terrists from invadin' North Americky. They didn't have any specifics an' Bushfeller sed he knew there was a few minor flies in the ointment like softwood 2x4's an' all this madness over BSE. Fer Bushfeller, them's minor troublems but fer Canajuns, them's bankruptin' troublems. Sounds like nuthin' got moved t' the front burner.

At least ol' Polly Wolly got hisself an invite t' the President o' the Universe's ranch. That's better'n ol' Johnny Cretin could do. Now that Fartin' Martin's been t' Georgie Dubya's home an' broke bread with'm, I reckon he'll be on the inside track with BushyBoy. That might not be enuff, though. Some fellers's sayin' that it don't matter what ol' Bushfeller sez, it's the damn senators an' congressfellers who's puttin' the screws t' Canadee in the 2x4 an' cattle drovin' bizness.

Well, sez I, when Bushfeller wanted t' go t' war in EyeRack, he got his way. If he really wants t' make things happen on these here tradin' back an' forth troublems, he can do it. I reckon he ain't really wanted to, so far. Mebbe now that he an' Polly Wolly's all buddy-buddy he'll kick that congress's ass inta gear an' get these damn tradin' troublems patched up once an' fer all.

Yores trooly,


Darcey said...

Just think - you could have lent spot to Martin for the day so he and Bush could walk their dogs together. Kill two birds eh!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I ain't too sure I'd want ol' Spot t' get near Dubya. I seen a pitcher a while back where Georgie Bushfeller dropped his little black doggie right onta the parkin' lot tarvey or a cement sidewalk or sum rocky hardplace. "Ooopsy! Sorry, LauraGal, I jest dropped Barney on his head."


JimBobby said...

Whooee! Here's a pitcher o' ol' Dubya droppin' pore little BarneyFeller.