Thursday, May 24, 2007

Harper Takes Page from GWB's Book to Take Eyes Off CPC Book

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I'm confuddled as a cow knee-deep in spring thaw. Last week on Thursday or Friday, the National Post had a bigass exposé where Don Martin got ahold o' this here Conservative dirty tricks book. The HarpoonTossers wrote a book on how to thwart the will of the elected representatives who represent the majority of Canajuns.

When somebuddy wants a definition of democracy for dummies, I reckon the simplest thing is -- majority rule in a one person, one vote state. When King Steve has a book tellin' all his committee chairs how to make sure the majority doesn't rule and how to negate the votes of Canajuns, I say he's workin' against democracy.

When I seen the story last week, I was almost a hunnert percent's worth sure that the dirty tricks book would be the only thing anybuddy'd be on about this week. Guess what. It ain't hardly on the radar.

Where is it? Why don't anybuddy wanna talk about it?

I reckon the Grits got a similar skeleton an' that explains them leavin' the Cons alone on the biggest dirt they could ever hope for. Why else would they give it the kid gloves treatment?

But why oh why ain't the Dippers jumpin' all over the dirty tricks book? Could they have their own version?

What about the rotten separatist BlocHeads? Why ain't they screamin' bloody murder about the exposé?

Harpoon sure as hell done hisself a whole world o' good with his secret support the troops diversionary tactic photo-op trip. Now, instead o' talkin' about the book, the pundidiots is all talkin' about the trip. A transparently Dubya-style PR trip ain't half as bad as what that book sez about the HarpoonTossers' contempt fer Canajuns.

Harper changed the subject.

Looks like our bigass MSM fell for it, too.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thankless Task: PB Moderation

Whooee! Well, like some other Pergressive Boogers, I was gonna keep my yap shut on the dust-up goin' on with the moderators all fightin' an' boogers takin' sides an' nasty infightin' happenin' among the self-described lefty pundidiots. It's gettin' almost as bad as the House o' Comments. I was gonna clam up but I can't stop myself from yammerin' -- at least a little bit.

Mostly, the PB fracas is between ol' Scotty Tribe an' Polly Jones (aka Joanne, I guess). I known Scott fer quite a spell an' I count him as a friend. I ain't known Polly so long but we commented back an' forth on some feminist issues an' I reckon I see mostly eye-to-eye with Polly. She's always been civilized an' thoughtful an' polite. I like Polly.

What ain't been said enough in all the boog stories an' comments is how moderatin' is a thankless task. Nobuddy's makin' any money or gettin' much benefit by bein' in the PB modsquad. Scott's worked hard fer the pergressive boogin' community. He's a volunteer, ferchrissakes, so I reckon he oughta get some thanks along with any criticism. I ain't seein' much o' that.

Polly's apparently quit her modsquad job an' that's her prerogative. It's a volunteer job. There ain't any contract. If somebuddy finds the volunteer work they do to be unrewarding or stressful, they got every right to quit an' the rest of us owe 'em a big thanks fer the volunteer work they done.

I'd like to see Scott an' Polly shake hands an' bury the hatchet. I reckon that'd mean some crow-eatin' fer each of 'em. I'm pretty sure they'd feel better afterwards but I reckon that's between them 2. If they was to get together fer a coffee or get on the phone fer a good long gabfest, I betcha they'd both be happier. But, o' course, that's their bizness an' not mine. If it was my bizness, I'd make sure each of 'em did the Political Compass test before they get together.

We're dang lucky we got a few good Canajuns who take time to volunteer an' lend what help they can to the left side o' the Canajun boogeysphere. I figger us PB members all benefit from gettin' our boogs out in front of more readers thanks to Pergressive Boogers. ProgBlogs wouldn't exist without the volunteers who started it and continue to make it run.

Now, I'm talkin' to these folks -

Wayne Chu
Scott Tribe
John Baglow
Joanne Costello
Jasmine Johansson
Devon Rowcliffe
Kyle Selmes

Thankee kindly fer all the work you folks put in.

Yores trooly,

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Does Harper Government Support Anti-Abortion Activists?

Whooee! Well friends and foes, I was just over to JJ, the Unrepentent Old Hippie's boog. JJ posted this here YouTube of a bigass anti-abortion march up on Parliament Hill. There's a big banner with the official trademark of the Government of Canada. Seems they call it the Canada Wordmark and it's protected so nobuddy supposed to use it without permission. Frank Frink's found another YouTube that shows the official wordmark in English and in French.

Yeow! Sometimes I get my knickers in a twist when I see that "Canada" logo at the end of some dumbass TV show or movie. That tells me that our tax money went into helpin' get the Trailer Park Boys on Showcase. I reckon there's some Canajuns who maybe think that the gummint oughta fund anti-abortion groups and dumbass TV shows.

When I see the wordmark in the credits of Trailer Park Boys, I take it as a bigass indication that the Gummint of Canada gave 'em some dough. When I seen that wordmark on the March for Life banner, I reckon it indicates official gummint suport.

I hope we find out if Parliament is funding the folks who march on Parliament. Anybuddy know?


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hidden Agenda Exposed - Lightbulbs and No-Fly List

Whooee! Well friends and foes, the HarpoonTossers' hidden agenda's startin' to see the light of day.
  • Who'da thought they'd be turnin' Canada into a nanny state where the government tells everybuddy what kinda lightbulbs they gotta use?
  • Who'da thought they'd cave in to them AlGoreDavidSuzukiTreeHuggin' Climate Change lunatics?
  • Who'da thought they'd give billions an' billions of TROC's luckybucks to Q-beck so's they can buy votes?
  • Who'da thought Bev Oda'd be chauffeured around in bigass limousines and givin' away slush fund money in Con ridings in a secret program?
  • Who'da thought they'd shift blame for their own incompetence on to our good military fellers an' gals?
  • Who'da thought they'd be so much like them dang Liberals we just got rid of?
Not these guys. Yeow! They wanna bring back the old Reform Party. Who can blame 'em? They're the ones who fought hardest fer King Steve an' they're the ones with egg all over their faces now that his secret agenda's been exposed.

Good thing fer the ConMen they got a brand new powertool in their polytickle tool chest - Stockboy's No-Fly List.

The No-Fly list is a godsend fer the Con's. They just need to get the right people on the list. Like they already got Stephane Dion's wifemate Janine Krieber on their No-Talk List. If they can get Dion, Layton an' Link Byfield on the No-Fly List, them enemies of the state'll have a tough time stumpin'.

I reckon PitBullBoy Baird can sell this No-Fly list on the GHG reduction angle. Keepin' all them polyticians grounded is gonna make us meet our Clean Air Act targets.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Poll: Canadians Losing Confidence in Cons

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I got another 3-R boog story today. I'm Reducin' my typewritin' workload by Re-usin' a comment I posted over to Far an' Wide in a Recycled version.

The topic was the latest publick 'pinion polls an' how bad the Cons is doin'. The polls point at Afghanistan and the Con green plan as the bigass troublems fer the HarpoonTossers.

Afstan's their big troublem right now, fer sure. I figger lotsa Canajuns is confuddled about green stuff but they ain't got any doubts about human decency issues like torture and the Geneva Conventions. Fer the most part, there ain't any vested interests in the torture industry who's denyin' the validity of the Geneva Conventions.

The climate change skeptics have done their best to obfuscate and confuddle the public. Seeds of doubt were planted by Harper himself (he was against green action before he was for it) and other big oil spokespersons and astroturf pseudo-science front organizations. When people ain't sure what to think, I reckon they're more willin' to give the gummint the benefit of the doubt.

The Cons got the reins on a wave of anti-Liberal sentiment based on AdScam corruption and a (rightly) percieved Liberal attitude of entitlement. Transparency and accountability were lacking and the new guys would be fixin' that pronto.

Now, people who pay attention can see the Cons doin' the selfsame things and doin' their dangedest to be non-transparent and unaccountable. A lot o' people don't pay much attention, though, and they're still dwellin' on the past sins of the Grits. Almost like they're gettin' reminded everyday of "13 years of blah, blah, blah..."

Trouble fer the Grits: glass house syndrome. The Cons is buryin' themselves in their own hypocrisy. Grits'd be smart to let the Dips an' Greens point out that hypocrisy lest they look hypocritical, themselves.

The biggest problem with Afstan ain't the detainee issue. That's part of it but the big problem is the failure of the mission. Now that the Afghan parliament wants NATO to quit with the seek and destroy tactics, we really need to reassess our role. Grits can point out how the original humanitarian nation-building mission has become a series of offensive actions and even the people we're supposedly fighting for are not happy about the direction we've taken since Harper took charge.

I like non-PC boxing metaphors. I'm a dinosaur that way. The Cons is on the ropes. All the jabs and body blows with O'Connor, Oda, Rona, Baird, etc. are takin' their toll. The Grits don't have the muscle fer the knockout punch, though, and the Cons ain't throwin' in the towel. There's a few more rounds to go before an election and right now, the Cons is losin' on points.


Monday, May 07, 2007

Stop Canada's New Government from Calling Itself Canada's New Government

Whooee! Well there's plenty of discouragin' stuff in the news and on the boogs this mornin'.

The HarpoonTossers been doin' polytickle 'pinion pollin' an' they ain't tellin' what they polled about even though it's the law an' they spent a $100,000+ on the poll. How many other polls have they been doin'?

It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so dang hypocritical. The Cons is all up on their hindlegs huffin' an' puffin' about the Grits 'pinion polls when they was callin' the shots.

An' they been doin' more untendered buyin' fer the army. They just spent $8.8 million on some new armoured vehicles that'll help keep our army guys from gettin' their asses blowed off while they're fightin' the good fight fer Taliban Hamid an' his opium-financed warlord regime. Now, there's a cause worth ruinin' Canada's international reputation for. There's a bunch worth trustin' to treat prisoners humanely.

When I started this boogin' rant, I was mainly gonna write all about this funny petition I seen over to Cerberus's fine boog. The petition is fer gettin' the HarpoonTossers to leave off callin' 'emselves "Canada's New Government." That ain't the funny part. The funny part is when the petition sez they hafta start callin' 'emselves "Canada's Newish Government."

Here's a link to the petition.

Last week, there was a petition presented to the House o' Comments wantin' Bigfoot on the endangered species list. Maybe this petition'll make it to the House. It'd be good to see if the HarpoonTossers can laff at themselves. I ain't seen much self-deprication in polyticks so I ain't holdin' my breath.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Canadians to Cons: "You'll get the keys when you prove you can drive."

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I was just over to Red Tory's boog. Red's got one o' the best boogs in Canada, sez I. He gets some o' the best yammerin' gabfests goin' on in his comments department. Today, Red posted up a boog story on the latest publick 'pinion polls an' how the HarpoonTossers been stuck at pretty much the same place since they come in.

I left me a comment over there to Red's boog an' I'm reducing my boogin' workload by re-usin' that comment here on my boog in a recycled version.

I figger we're treatin' the Cons like adolescents. We still ain't sure if we should trust 'em with the keys to the family chugmobile. We're lettin' 'em drive but we ain't lettin' do it without some backseat drivin' from the opposition. If the Cons could convince Canajuns they got the right stuff an' they're haffway qualified to steer, they'd probbly get a majority an' the keys to Canada.

The way they been lurchin' an' swervin' on AfghanaStreet ain't instillin' any confidence.

They ain't helpin' themselves with all the stallin' an' stop-startin' an' wrong turns they been takin' on GreenStreet, neither.

I reckon they oughta start listenin' to the backseat drivers. They sure need advice on how to keep 'er in gear.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Kiss my ass, Rex Murphy. You ain't the language police.

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, ol' JimBob's pissed-off. Rex Murphy come on The National last night an' dressed down Lizzie May over her appeasement sermon. Rex is s'posed to be a smart feller. He's a Rhodes Scholar, after all. If he's as smart as he thinks he is, he'd know that politicians been invokin' the memory of Neville Chamberlain fer 60 years.

Go read Maclean's, you dumbass.

Murphy sez any reference to Chamberlain and even any use of the words "appeasement" and "deniers" are reprehensible and off-limits. Kiss my ass, Rex. You ain't the language police.

Murphy ain't the only ignoramus who can stand in line to kiss my green ass. Steve Harper, Peter MacKay, Stephane Dion, Jack Layton an' any other kettle in this here pot and kettle mudfest.

What's really got my goat is that Lizzie May sed what she sed in a church sermon an' she's gettin' raked over the coals by these numbnutses who sed the selfsame thing in Parliament for the official record.

Do these hypocrits want to monitor all church sermons lookin' fer inapporopriate historical references?

There's a few boogin' pundidiots I seen who ain't content just to blast Lizzie over the appeasement reference. They don't like it that Lizzie has religion. Here's a coupla quotes from the comments over at Accidental Deliberations -

JimBobb, you go on ad's site, take a swipe at Layton, and then the rest of your post was defending May's Lord, Jesus Christ moment of Godly all knowing creationist fundamental bull.

She even pulled off a Tammy Faye Baker 'shed a tear' moment as the profit.
janfromthebruce 05.01.07 - 6:16 pm #


As for the implosion, the Chamberlain comments probably have been blown out of proportion. But it's the other factors that seem more damaging to me - both May's religious fervour and her inability to control her emotions over her own prepared speech seem to bode poorly for her in the political arena, even if they wouldn't be problems elsewhere.
The Jurist Homepage 05.02.07 - 11:30 pm #

Go an' read the whole thing. The Jurist has some dang good ideas about how deals between parties oughta be made. An' he's right about the comments bein' blown out of proportion. Good tactic fer the Jurist to change course now that it's been pointed out how many other MP's have used the same analogy.

I ain't a religious person. In fact, I'm an atheist. Organized religion, IMHO, has done a lot of damage over the centuries an' continues to do damage today. Do I think that all organized religion is bad and that churches have never done anything good? Of course not. Are all religious people peterfilin' priests or residential school apologists? No.

While I don't believe in a supreme being or attend church, I recognize the right of others to do so. Sometimes, like when I'm at a funeral, I envy the believers who truly believe that the dead guy's in a better place. One thing I try not to do is mock people for their religious beliefs.

When someone refers to "May's Lord, Jesus Christ moment of Godly all knowing creationist fundamental bull," I interpret that as mockery of religious beliefs. Like I sed over in that comment gabfest, that sorta mockery is small-minded, petty and cruel. If references to Neville Chamberlain are off limits, mockery of a person's deeply held religious beliefs are way off limits.

Regardin' the emotionalism aspect, I thought we'd got beyond the point where a public figure was not allowed to shed a tear. Back in 1972 in Merka, there was a presidential hopeful by the name of Edmund Muskie. He got all emotional on the stump an' shed a tear. His presidential chances were scuttled. I thought we'd moved on and grown since then but it seems that the "shrill hysteria" label is alive and well.

True confession time - I get choked up about things that concern me deeply.

Back when my dear departed Dad was in his fifties, I started to notice how emotional he'd become. He'd get all teary-eyed over somethin' he'd remember from back when he was in WW2 or when he was a kid in the depression or even over some dumbass TV show. I remember bein' a little embarrassed when Dad would choke up over what seemed like nuthin'.

Now that I'm an old codger goin' on 60, I find myself embarrassed at my own emotionalism fairly often - 'specially, when I'm tellin' somebuddy about somethin' I feel strongly about. Maybe the Jurist is right when he sez Lizzie's too emotional. Maybe them guys who mocked Ed Muskie were right, too. Maybe, but I don't think so.

Anybuddy else wants to get in the kiss JB's ass line-up, just join in the comments with some pot'n'kettle hypocrisy.