Friday, March 04, 2005

Extendin' My Deepest Sympathy

RCMP OfficerI ain't startin' out with my usual "Whooee!" on accounta I don't feel much like whoopin' an' I don't reckon it'd be showin' the sorta respect I wanna show.

Ol' JimBobby likes t' blather on 'bout stuff in the news an' I try t' make sum jokes an' wrap serious stuff up in a funny sorta package. There's only but one news story I'm payin' any tension to today an' there ain't nuthin' funny about it an' there ain't any way I'm gonna try t' make it funny.

I'm feelin' a big hurt an' I gotta heap o' sympathy fer the pore families that lost their younguns yesterday. I see that there's some other boogs where they's talkin' 'bout this an' that regardin' these here murders an' mebbe I'll put my two pennies in here an' there an' mebbe I won't.

On this here JimBobby Sez boog, I'm jest sayin' I'm sorry fer everybuddy that's lost a loved one an' I'm sorry t' see our home an' native land sufferin' such a tragedy. That's all I got fer today an' I'll try t' come back tomorrow in a better mood.

Yores trooly,


Unknown said...

Hey JimBobby, I think that was mighty big of you to put that up.

I want to express my sympathies also to the family's and friends of the 4 Officers who were slain yesterday, and all the other officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. I also want to give my thanks to the men and women who serve in the Police forces and the Army.

Janie For Mayor said...

Nicely said, JB. I'm having a hard time getting beyond this story as well. Kind of makes all other issues seem so unimportant.

Sue said...

Just found your blog for the first time. Looks like a good'un!

I'm also having a very difficult time with this story. As the sister of a police officer, it hits far too close to home.