Friday, March 11, 2005

Harnessin' the Superpower o' Boogs

Whooee! I almost din't get around t' postin' up a boog today. I been doin' some nail-poundin' an' helpin' out with sum outside o' the house stuff that's kept me away from my boog. I also been spendin' sum time jawin' over t' BoogsCanadee at ol' Elvis's Egroup. I reckon I'm in Elvis's good books on accounta the nice comment he left on my little boog today.

They gotta new feller writin' at that there Egroup name o' Scott Tribe. He posted up a great long diaTribe today 'bout how we Canajuns is takin' it up the pooper from the Merkins on these unfree trade dealin's that everybuddy knows about. Now, this here ScottyBoy's got an idee 'bout us Canajun boogers gettin' up on our hind legs an' askin' our remembers o' parliment t' quit kissin' the Merkin's asses. He posted a sample of a letter he's sendin' off t' B.Linda an' also t' another MP name o' Jimmy Duncan. He ain't so blunt as me 'bout the ass-kissin' part but the message he's sendin' is the selfsame thing.

Scottfeller sez we Canajun boogers got superpowers we ain't even realized yet on accounta we ain't ever worked together like a gang o' Mennonites building a barn. I reckon Scotty's got a good point an' a good idee. These Merkin's with their beef lobbies an' bought-off judges an' Teddy Kennedy Democrass senators is all gangin' up on good an' decent Canajuns in the cow meat department an' softwood 2x4's an' grains an' now Scotty sez they's puttin' the screws to us on hogs an' pigmeat.

Well, in the comments over there, ol' Elvis sez if we wanna be exercisin' our superpowers, we gotta all get busy in our own little boogs an' spread the gospel o' we're-mad-as-hell-an'-we-ain't-takin'-it-no-more. Kinda lucky fer me that this boog campaign thingy came up today on accounta I was havin' a hard time comin' up with a boog story topic an' this'n is tailor-made. I hear tell if you wanna be a bigtime booger (an' I already sed that's my aim in life) then you gotta boog every single day. Well, friends an' foes, I gotta perfect attendance record, so far, an' I aim t' keep it thataway.

So, here's the deal. If yer tired o' seein' good an' decent hardworkin' Canajuns takin' a shitkickin' from the Merkin protectionism merchants, go over an ' read ol' Scotty's boog post. I gotta warn you, though, it's a long ol' story. I reckon it's worth readin', though, an' I reckon it's worth a try in goin' after the boogin' superpowers, too, so if yer a booger in the Caanjun boogeysphere do like I'm doin' right this very minute an' post yerself a boog story askin' yer boog readers t' write t' their remembers o' parliment.

Oh yeah, I almost fergot. There's a couple commenters growsin' over there 'bout my way o' writin'. Sum nice other fellers come t' ol' JimBobby's defense while I was out poundin' nails. The nice fellers was Jamesey Bow, Ti-Guy an' ol' Jimmy Elvis, hisself. Thankee kindly, nice fellers. I ain't namin' the dumbass growsers. They know who they are.

Yores trooly,


Oxford County Liberals said...

Hi JimBob:

Thanks for talking about my post, and to try and cut to the chase of what I want people to think about.. so they dont fall asleep half way through my essay at E-Group.. I will ask your bloggers here what I just asked International Trade Minister Jim Peterson in an email letter (which I posted in the comments section of my "rant"):

We have won every battle at NAFTA and the WTO over softwood lumber - we have been authorized to retaliate against their Byrd Amendment... we are asking for additional permission to penalize American imports even more because of their refusal to lift the duties on softwood lumber.

- Why are we proposing to tax ourselves on softwood?
- Why would we allow the Americans to decide when it was ok to lift those taxes.. and why do we need to change provincial practises they dont like when the WTO has ruled they arent illegal?
- Why does Minister Peterson seem to be negotiating with the Americans as if Canada was on the losing end of this trade battle?
- Why havent we imposed retaliatory duties on the Byrd Amendment as the WTO has authorized us to do?

These are questions that need to be asked of the Minister.. I urge you folks to email, write, call him if you agree with me that this is appeasement at its worse and needs to be stopped. Use the duties as the method to get them back to the bargaining table to bargain in good faith.. make their vendors hurt like they've done to us.. because I think that's what its going to take to stop their trade harrassment.

- You can also contact your local MP and ask the same questions.

- You can contact Belinda Stronach and John Duncan of the Tories who are very critical of Peterson's approach, and tell them you dont agree with what Peterson is doing re: the softwood lumber proposal.

- You can also contact Peter Julian of the NDP and state the same thing to him.

Thanks for your support.

Psychols said...

Dear Mr Sez,

I was gonna reply yesterday, but the folks at boogspot had some troubles with their database. First off, let me say that I don't mind yer way o writin. Its a nice change and not that tough to read. If'n yer start reading yer boogs out loud it could be enjoyable. Seems like you been boogin for 3 weeks now and been doing all that reading and stuff. Its about time you gave yer thousands of readers a treat and offered up one of them fancy smancy multimedia experiences.

I've only been blogging for a week so, compared to me, you’re an old timer. I figure I've got maybe two readers (The other one is my wife). I'm just happy to type up the blindingly obvious and pat myself on the back for being so clever. J

As for dealing with the Americans, what you and Scott say makes sense. When I lived in New York, I learned that the Americans are decent folks. I also learned that they love competition and enjoy playing hardball. If we try to play softball they will just see us as weak, or worse, guilty of dumping. I’m all in favour of imposing retaliatory duties. When it starts to hurt their industry, they will put pressure on their government to be more reasonable. We can also get busy trying to find new markets in Europe and Asia and converting our own raw materials into finished products.

Yours trooly


JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer chimin' in, fellers.

ScottyBoy, I gotta hand it to you. Yer what the ol' timers'd call a firebrand. By that, they mean yer stirrin' the pot an' rousin' the rabble. Good on you! I like yer concise little plan of attack in yer comment. I usually spend sum time wandrin' here an' there in the boogeysphere an' leavin' a comment or ten. Now, today I got a heap o' nail-poundin' t' do but when an' if I get visitin' sum o' my boogin' buddies, I'm gonna talk up yer idee and' see if I can get'm t' come over an' read yer plan of attack.

Cyclerfeller, yer right. The Merkins is mostly good folks, no two ways. They like playin' hardball an' if we want sum respect, we gotta beat 'em at their own game. Leastwise, we gotta get on base an' score a few runs. So far, we been strikin' out everytime we get up t' bat.

On the audio-podcastin', I aim to try but I gotta find sum webhost space an' sum time. I was gonna try the space that these idjits recommend til I heard that it's all loaded up with spyware. I reckon I might hafta shellout sum dough fer servin' up them bigass mp3's. If I wanna be a bigtime booger, I spose that's a bullet I'll hafta bite.

Yores trooly,

treehugger said...

You don't go changin' a thing there Jimbobby.

Some of us here fella's would send over a coupla good ole boys to straighten ya out if ya ever do! :)

Bloogers Byline said...

aint nothin wrong wit yor way of scribin bro ya tell them masterbaters o the englush languwage ta git a life.them dumb sonsabitchers is probably closet ndupers.

Anonymous said...

Stretching the brain hurts sometimes...I guess that's why some have trouble with JimBobSpeak. Like he says = they don't gotta read him. I will be so happy to see the day when we can talk about Canadian issues with less reference to our neighbours to the south. I have written my MP as advised by Scott Tribe - thanks to him and JimBobby for their attempts to inform about this issue. Speaking of farmers... I also wrote relating to proposed changes to plant breeders rights...another rant for another day maybe. I can't tell you how tired I am of the "Anti American" branding of anyone who has a poblem with US policy. We definitely need to expand our horizons and reduce dependance on this "superpower". That dependance causes some of our citizens (as evidenced by the thread on Mr. Tribe's idea) to become pathetic cowards terrified of ruffling feathers to the south. Canadians need to stand up for Canadians without so much deference to GWB Inc.

Anonymous said...


its good to see you being politically active..but dont forget to write Belinda or John or Peter.. they are the trade and resource critics for their partys and they are the ones who will grill Peterson til he gives them an answer.

Telling other people about whats going on and trying to get them to write if they dont like whats going on is also a good thing ;)

Anonymous said...

Right you are anonymous - will do. I am new at corresponding with politicians and so I appreciate guidance on where to send letters. It gives me hope that the letters may matter a little. As for encouraging others to do the same...let's just say my friends and family would have serious issues with your encouraging this behaviour. I do try just to show them the value of informing themselves about things...but alas they resist. Ignorance is bliss and no one likes to give up their bliss - it seems. Thank you for your remarks. PM

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