Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Iggy Ain't My Man

Whooee! Well friends, I ain't a Liberal Party member or supporter so I ain't weighed in much on this here leadership race they got goin' on down in Montreal. Now that it's down t' the wire, I'm throwin' in my two-cents-worth.

I hope Iggy don't win. There's a couplafew others I hope don't win, too, so I ain't one o' these Anybody But Iggy guys. Guys like Volpe don't stand a chance anyways so I ain't gonna worry much 'bout them gettin' in. I do gotta worry 'bout Ig gettin' in an' I sure as hell don't like the idea.

First off, I better tell why I think it matters who rides herd on the Grits. The way the 'pinion polls is goin', the Liberals got a dang good chance o' gettin' back in power. That means whoever they got on the top o' their heap could end up as Canadee's next pryminister. That's howcum I give two shits an' howcum I don't wanna see an egghead expatriate leadin' the Liberals.

Igster jest ain't liberal enuff, sez I. I can't get past the way he backed up Dubya's illegal invasion of EyeRack. An' when he mushes up his words an' purty much gives his seal of approval t' torturin', well, how can he even be a contender?

Ignatieff ain't in touch with Canadee. He's been settin' up in that ivory tower down in Boston, Massachusettes, USA fer 'bout 30 years. Even if he sez he was always payin' attention t' what's happenin' in Canadee, it ain't the same as livin' here. An' it ain't like he was sum sorta exile. He left Canadee fer greener pastures an' fame an' glory.

I got me a nayber who useta be a Merkin. He an' his kin moved here 'bout the same time as Iggy moved t' Merka, 30-odd years ago. My nayber's a newshound - mebbe even more'n me. I asked ol' Bob if he'd ever move back down south. He sed he don't feel like a Merkin anymore an' if he was t' move back t' his home an' native land, he'd feel like a foreigner. Merkins use words like "foreigner" more'n Canajuns so I reckon he ain't completely cured, yet.

I figger it's the same fer Iggy. He's been away so long he's sorta like a foreigner. There ain't nuthin' wrong with foreigners but they oughta pay sum dues before they wanna be pryminister, sez I.

A fight between Iggy an' Harpoon'd be a battle o' the eggheads an' I don't reckon too many real-life Canajuns wanna listen t' 6 weeks o' that sorta crappola. Anyway, with all his war-lovin', torture-condonin' an' Q-beck asskissin', Iggy ain't the right guy fer the job.

Yores trooly,

Monday, November 27, 2006

Blogger Threatened by Troll "jeff" Quits Blogging

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, there's sum bad shit goin' down in the Canajun boogeysphere involvin' the uber-troll who calls hisself "jeff". Here's most o' what Mike, a victim o' jeff, sez this mornin' -
I'm done.

That's it. I'm not doing this any more. I thought I had some good debates and had fun over the last two years in the blogshpere, but no more. This morning I received an e-mail from fellow blogger 'jeff' in which he threatened to do an 'expose' on me, that he would be publishing my personal information like my address and phone number and that he would be contacting - and I quote - my 'wife and\or children' to tell them about me.

Well, blogging is fun, but I won't endanger my privacy or the privacy of my family. I will no longer be making any posts or comments. It is simply not worth it. In the end, I have better things to do with my time than engage in online vendettas or even fights involving lawyers and cops.

I could fight this, and quite effectively (and I still might have to if the threats are carried out), but that would be too much of a distraction from my private and professional life. I've done the cost-benefit analysis and I have decided that the fight is simply not worth it.

There 'jeff' you won. Happy? Your the king of the internet trolls. Enjoy your reign. I am done with you and this whole thing.

Yeow! How 'bout sum smart feller or gal does an expose-eh on this here boogin' bully jeff?

Monday, November 20, 2006

A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's Kyoto for?

Whooee! I been stewin' on this here Kyoto bizness fer a while now. I reckon mebbe the ConMen an' that purty gal with the big hair ain't heard 'bout how havin' bigass goals leads t' achievement.

Back in the olden days in Merrie Olde Englande, there was this here poet feller. You mighta heard of 'im -- Robert Browning. Well, ol' Bob Browning had hisself a good line that goes like this --

“Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?”

When I looked up that line jest now (which I first learnt from my ol' Mum 'bout 50 years ago when I was 'bout 7 years old), there was an interpretation fer lazyasses an' illiterates who can't figger out things fer themselves. Here's what they sed 'bout that famous line --

"Words from a poem by Robert Browning, suggesting that, to achieve anything worthwhile, a person should attempt even those things that may turn out to be impossible."

Makes sense, sez I.

I'd like t' be a better piano player. I jest got me a new keyboard an' I practice 'bout an hour a day. I'm sorta old fer piano lessons an' practicin' but I'm reachin' fer excellence, even if my grasp only lets me achieve mediocrity. My goals may be unachievable but I'll be a better piano player than if I din't set any goals at all.

I notice ol' King Steve is stickin' with the Afghan mission. Everybuddy an' their dog knows that a military solution ain't possible. The generals say so an' so does Minister O'Connor. The goal is t' create a shinin' beacon o' democracy in the MidEast. It ain't gonna happen. The best we're hopin' fer now is sum modest improvements an' a bit o' personal security. Since the original goal has proven t' be completely unachievable, howcum they don't reckon we oughta quit like we quit the unachievable Kyoto deal?

Yores trooly,