Saturday, March 26, 2005

Puttin' the Screws t' Putin

Ol' Vlad has a headache. Whooee! Pore ol' Vlad the Impaler Putin's got hisself a throbbin' headache on accounta he ain't doin' so shit hot lately in the polytickal chess-playin' game. Ol' Raspy Putin's pawns ain't been stayin' on the board cause they been gettin' knocked down by sum grassy roots democracy movements. The latest loser Putin's been backin' is this here Askar Akayev over in a little place they call Kyrgyzstan. Jest like they tried doin' in Georgia an' Ukraine not too long ago, these here Kyrgyzs had a crooked election vote that sed ol' Putin's boy's the winner. The rabble in the streets knows that ain't true an' they ain't takin' it lyin' down.

'Bout a hunnert thousand o' these Kyrgyzs came out in the streets an' fought fer a fair vote an' I seen sum o' that street fightin' on the TV an' them Kerrgees was takin' a shitkickin' an' not backin' off. In the end, it was the crooked gummint's copfellers who backed off an' the cheatin' Akayev packed up his bags an' went cryin' off t' his buddy Vladimr up in Moscow. Now, they got the opposin' side's feller runnin' the show but he sez he's gonna get a fair election vote happenin' right smartly.

More power t' these here democracy fighters, sez I.

Yores trooly,

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