Saturday, March 05, 2005

I Reckon a Peregrine Falcon Was Out Back

bird sittin' in a treeWhooee! I was settin' in front o' the computer on this bright an' sunny Saturday mornin' when Ma sez, "What's that bird out back?" I got up offa my keester fer a looksee an' not 100 feet from the back screen door was this here hawk-lookin' flapper sittin' in a maple tree. We get plenty o' red tailed hawks in my neck o' the woods but they don't get so close t' the house an' they're a dime a dozen. This here was sumpin' different.

I grabbed my little digital camry a snapped a pitcher through the screen door. That's it up left yonder. It ain't so good on accounta two things. First thing is the screen window was in the way an' the second thing is the sittin' bird looked close but even when I zoomed up all the way, he still wasn't as close as he looked.

now the sumbitch is takin' flightI figgered if I cracked open the screendoor t' get a better pitcher the big feller'd fly off an' that's jest what he did. Jest as he lit out, though, I got me another pitcher an' it's little better than the first one on accounta the screen window ain't in the way. The second pitcher ain't exactly a masterpiece but it's a fair bit better'n that other one.

Now, this here strange bird was mostly a blue-grey an' he had hisself a black top onta his head an' he had sum white comin' up around from his neck. He was about a foot an' a haff tall an' as you ken see in the first pitcher, he sat up straight an' tall. His tail sorta came to a rounded point an' it was kinda long an' his head seemed kinda small.

After he flew off, I got out a bird-watchin' book an' took me a looksee tryin' t' tell which sorta hawk this was. A coupla years ago, we had a Merlin pigeon hawk out back feastin' on birdies from outta Ma's bird feeder an' I thought this might be another'n. When I looked in the book, I decided it weren't a pigeon hawk on accounta they ain't got the black cap on their heads an' they's a little more brown in the front. Another thing different is the Merlin pigeon hawk has hisself a kinda wide tail an' this feller we saw had a more long pointy tail. Here's a pitcher of a Merlin from the book.
Merlin pigeon hawk
On the very next page o' that there birdwatchin' book, was the birdie I think I saw an' that's the Peregrine Falcon. Here's the pitcher.
Peregrine falcon
Now, I hear tell these here falcons is damn rare in these parts. I did hear tell, though, that they got one or two roostin' in the tall buildin's on Bay Street in Trawna. I hang my hat 'bout a hunnert miles away from the centre o' the universe, that bein' Trawna, so I don't figger it's completely outta the question that this here birdie that flew inta my back yard was a rare ol' Peregrine. Sumbuddy thinks they know what it is other'n that, chime inta the comments an' lemme know.

Yores trooly,


Anonymous said...

Pretty! Nice wing-span in that second pic.

alsocanadian said...

I think yur mistaken, looks like a pidgin ta me!;)

Andrew said...

Defintely looks like a peregrine from the pictures. They're gorgeous birds. I've seen a couple in my life, but none recently since I live in the middle of Ottawa. (We do have the odd Red tailed hawk poach the birds at our feeders though)

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer chimin' in, fellers an' gal. I wisht I coulda spent more time watchin' the big ol' flapper but he flew off an' I ain't seen'm back yet. Ma's got 'er eyeballs peeled an' if he comes back, I'll be ready an' try to get a better pitcher - mebbe one where he looks less like a pidgin. ;)

Yores trooly,

Anonymous said...

There was a big bird around here in early winter that I still have not been able to identify. Much bigger than a redtail. It had that Cleopatra detail around the eye which made us think it was a falcon but the colouring and feathery legs just didn't fit. I think it may have been a rough-legged hawk. Link here for a good photo of what I saw.

But your shots do look like a Peregrine

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easterngirl said...

JimBobby ! Your mystery bird is what is called a Northern Goshawk bro ! A spectacular sighting indeed. They are not the most common bird to see up close.

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