Monday, February 28, 2005

Canajuns Got No Faith in Justus Gumper

Whooee! Last night I seen on the Lloyd Robertson TV News Show that the CTV got together with the Globe & Mail an' Ipsos-Reid an' took a rack and pinion pool askin' Canajuns 'bout the Justus Gump Show that sposed t' be gettin' t' the bottom o' who stlole what an' when in this here Adscamper deal. Ol' Lloyd hisself was takin' Sunday night off an' he had that sweet-lookin' Sandie Rinaldo sittin' in his chair.

What the pinion pool sez is that lotsa Canajuns figger PollyWolly Fartin' Martin's tellin' big fat lies 'bout whether or not he was drivin' on the inside lane. Even more Canajuns ain't buyin' the bill o' goods ol' GolfballBoy John Cretin's sellin'.

'Cordin' t' that there pool, 61% o' Canajuns don't figger Gumper's Choir Boys is gonna get t' the bottom o' this here sponsorship mess. Well, mebbe they will an' mebbe they won't. These pinion pools been wrong before like when they sed ol' Harpoon's gang was gonna win the 'lection back in June last year.

The big troublem in my mind is all the dough this here choir singin' is costin' Canajuns. If everbuddy'd jest gonna get up in front o' ol' Gumper an lie their ass off, what's the point? Last week, it come out that the $60 million choir is gonna cost more like $80 million. Now, is anybuddy surpised? 'Course it'll cost more'n what they sed. The gummint's runnin' it. I'll be damn surprised if all it ends up costin' is $80 million.

My ol'Pappy used t have a sayin' - don't throw good money after bad. Now, he din't always live up t' that sayin'. He had hisself a 1964 Thunderbird car an' he was always throwin' good money inta that thing long after it wasn't worth it no more. But t' my way o' thinkin', that sayin' made sense.

If Canajuns was on the losin' end of a hunnert million like we probbly were an' we're spendin' $80 million t' find out nuthin', ain't we throwin' good money after bad? An lookit jest who's gettin' this good money we're spendin' on the Justus Gump Travellin' Road Show. Lawyers! As if they need anymore money from good an' decent taxpayin' Canajuns.

Yores trooly,


Babbling Brooks said...

Hmm. Guy steals a $24,000 car. Police investigate, bring the guy in. Lawyers prosecute, jurors deliberate, judge sentences. Corrections Canada incarcerates, and hopefully rehabilitates. Whole deal costs way, way more than the $24,000 car originally stolen.

Good money after bad? Justice costs, JB. Unless we're just going to let the buggers get away with it, I say we haven't any choice but to pay. If for no other reason than pour encourager les autres.

What's your alternative?

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I ain't sure I got any alternative, BabblerFeller. It's this here poll sez that nobuddy figgers Gumper's gonna get t' the bottom o' things is what got me wondrin' if they's throwin' away our money... again.

Yer story 'bout the car thief is a good one an' that the feller who got sent up got hisself all rehabbed an' won't steal anymore cars is a good thing, too. What's different here is so many Canajuns don't think anybuddy's gonna get sent up or rehabbed an' the whole shebang is takin' a heap o' dough outta places where mebbe it'd do sum sorta good.

It's started now an' there ain't much chance of it stoppin' so whether or not anybuddy's got an alternative don't make much diff. T' me, it looks like jest another case o' gummint puttin' on a big show an' really doin' diddly. I spose that's par fer this here gummint's golf course.

Yores trooly,

Andrew said...

What Canadians think will happen and what will happen are not guarenteed to be the same thing.

Either way, this inquiry has (hopefully) put some fear into people who thought they could milk the system and get away with it. Anything that leeches corruption out of the system is worth the cost.

alsocanadian said...

I thought thats why we have cops...

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Like I sed inta my boog post, mebbe Gumper will get t' the bottom o' things an' them that thinks he won't will be all wet. The idee that settin' up an inquiry everytime there's sum sorta bigass crime accusations looks t' me like it's gonna cost a heap o' dough an' I ain't too sure at all that Canajuns are gettin' their taxmoneysworth.

I ain't sure 'bout all the ins an' outs an' I'm only blatherin' on 'bout what seems like common sense t' me. Does ol' Gumper have the power t' find the bad guys guilty an' toss'm inta the crowbar hotel fer rehab? Or is he just gonna mebbe slap their wrists an' hope the Canajun voters don't get hoodwinked an don't vote in crooks next time around? Or is he gonna tell the horseyback-ridin' boys in red that they got sum bad guys t' round up?

I jest look at all our money goin' inta Justus Gumper's choir show an' I wanna see sumpin' real at the end an' not jest polytickal points gettin' chalked up on the Golfballer's side or on the Harpoontosser's side. If it's only fer polyticks an' Gump ain't sendin' anybuddy t' Kingston, then mebbe they jest oughta let the fellers in red take the reins.

If it was Tony Soprano stole a hunnert million, would they set up a choir show or would they gather up evidence an' slap the cuffs on?

This whole roadshow looks like sumpin' ol' Fartin' Martin got inta his head would be a good idee back a year ago when he was mad as hell. Now, mebbe it's as good a place as any fer sum fellers who oughta be coolin' their heels in the clink t' get up on the TV an' lie like hell. Even if nobuddy believes'm they ain't doin' time.

Yores trooly,

Babbling Brooks said...

Hey, I'm not keen on spending any more tax dollars on navel-gazing than absolutely necessary. But are you saying anything short of breaking the law shouldn't be investigated?

JimBobby said...

Whooee! DamianFeller, yer askin' this:
"(But) are you saying anything short of breaking the law shouldn't be investigated?"

Now, I guess I would agree that unless it's lookin' like sum laws been broke, it ain't nobuddy's bizness. In the case o' the Adscamper mess, it sure enuff does look like sum laws have been broke an' since there's plenty o' smoke, there's gotta be a fire sumwhere.

I figger it's the job o' the fellers in red to find the evidence an' arrest the criminals. Ol' General Fraser already pointed their horses in the right direction an' we're pay'm t' fight crime an' arrest bad guys. That makes me ask what in the Jeezuz do we need Gumper for? Double-dippin', by the looks of it.

I say the Gump show is a smokescreen set up by ol' Fartin' Martin so nobuddy'll ever know what's what on accounta double-talkin' polyticians yammerin'away on the advice o' their double-talkin' lawyers.

If real crime investigators like the horseyback fellers was doin' the inquirin', then mebbe we'd find out the facts an' sum felonfellers'd be coolin' their heels in the pokey. All this moonin' fer the cameras ain't nothin' but polytickal play-actin' an' since it was set inta motion by the selfsame fellers who it's sposed be lookin' at, it looks like one big game o' pullin' the wool over the Canajun voters' eyeballs.

Yores trooly,

Babbling Brooks said...

Now, I guess I would agree that unless it's lookin' like sum laws been broke, it ain't nobuddy's bizness.Sorry, I don't buy that. If they're spending our money, it's our 'bizness' how they did it no matter if it was illegal, unethical, or pure as the driven frickin' snow.

Raise your standards JB. You're beginning to sound like a Liberal lawyer yourself.

Babbling Brooks said...

Sorry, the 'Liberal lawyer' crack was a cheap shot. Retracted, with apologies.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Pologee accepted, DamianFeller, an' it was a two part insult o' bein' camped with the Big "L" party which I ain't an' bein' a lawyer which it's purty obvious I ain't. I ain't sure which is worse but I'm glad you took it back an' there's no hard feelin's.

I'm stickin' t' my guns, though. If laws are broke, gather up evidence an' arrest the bad guys. If there ain't any laws broke, don't spend $80 million o' my money on finger pointin' exercises. I'll say it again, I think there's been sum laws broke an' I think it's up t' the coppers t' slap the wristirons on the bad guys an' then up t' the judgefellers t' send up the river. Stealin' $100 million is breakin' the law in my book an anybuddy else's.

Instead o' lettin' Fartin' Martin put on a show where he ken get up on his hind legs an' do the deny-deny-deny dance an' having ol' Johnny Cretin make a big yuk-yuk show with sum funny golf balls, they should take it serious an' put the gangbustin' police onta the case.

They already got their map drawn out an' their course charted an' nuthin' I say is gonna mean anythin' t' anybuddy. If I was runnin' the show, I'd o' set the boys in red on the case instead o' callin' a dumbass choir boy show that we see all the time an' nobuddy pays any tension to. If we see'm doin' the frog-march, we're gonna sit up an' take notice. Choir shows happen all the time an' if only they were a dime a dozen, they might not be so bad.

Yores trooly,

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