Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Canajun Boogers at War... Again

Whooee! I been follerin' a lttle tempest brewin' in the Canajun boogeysphere these past coupla days. Seems there's this here remember o' parliment from outta Calgary, FullMonty Soilburger, an' ol' Monty's jest recently started inta boogin'. Like I sed in sumbuddy's comments where I was puttin' in my two penniesworth, I never met this here Soilburger but we got a little in common on accounta us both bein' new boogers in the Canajun boogeysphere.

We gotta little more'n that in common, too. A coupla weeks ago, I wrote up a boog post where I called the Inuit fellers an' gals livin' up where there's Nunavut by the name "igloo builders." I took a wee bit o' heat in my comments department 'bout not bein' politickal correct. In the end, I reckon it all blowed over an' I weathered the shitstorm an' I learned me a thing or two 'bout boogin' an' politickal correctness an' Inuits. Turned out they don't mind bein' called igloo builders but I went an' called 'em Inoo an' that's a different tribe altogether.

Well t'other day, ol' Soilburger wrote hisself a boog post 'bout Pryminister PollyWolly Fartin' Martin where he called ol' Fartin' Martin by the name Paul Martin Luther King. Well, fellers an' gals, ol' FullMonty exposed hisself fully t' the politickal correctness police an' he walked nekked into a big ol' shitstorm. Ol' Soilburger's a tad more famous'n ol' JimBobby so a lot more folks got their sniffers outta joint 'bout Monty takin' the name o' the martyr Luther King an' makin' sum jokes 'bout the Birmin'ham jail an' Selma, Alabama where ol' Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior got hisself throwed in the hoosecow an' did sum protest marchin' back in the bad ol' days o' racism an' segregation in the Merkin southland.

Anybuddy mighta known the Big L fellers'd get up on their hind legs an' give ol' Monty the gearbox an' they sure enuff did. One bigtime booger in the Canajun boogeysphere got pertickler testy at ol' Soilburger was ol' Jimmy ElvisPresley over t' the BoogsCanadee. Ol' Elvis sorta flew offa the handle at FullMonty an' sed he was insultin' the memory o' ol' Martin King an' he din't see nuthin' funny in Soilburger's funny boog write up. Well, a bunch o' folks chimed in onta both sides an' the pitched battle raged fer most o' yesterday an' a bit o' today an' now I figger it's all settled down an' FullMonty weathered the shitstorm. Even ol' Kinsellerfeller got in on the act an' even though he's the Big L Prince o' Darkness, he came down on the Big C Monty's side o' the fence.

I ain't sure if Montyfeller learned any lessons from this whole boogin' experience like I done when I put my foot in it. Him bein' a remember o' parliment it's purty important that he never sez he's ever been the least little bit wrong 'bout the least little thing. That's how it is fer politicianfellers on accounta if they ever admit any wrong - even the teensiest - then they may's well throw in the towel on accounta everybuddy sez they's ditherin' wafflemakers.

I does seem mebbe ol' Elvis mighta learnt sumpin', though, an' since he ain't a remember o' parliment, he's allowed to own up t' a mistake every once in a bit. I seen over onta his boog comments that he's doin' sum grovelin' an' he sez mebbe he was an' ol' fart fuddy-duddy. An' one o' my boogin' buddies, AndrewFeller, wrote his own boog 'bout ol' Elvis goin' off the deep end in the politickal correct department an' Elvis even went in there an' told'm he's backin' off an' mebbe he was a little bit all wet.

Well, JamesyBow, who's another one o' my new boogin' buddies sez ol' Elvis is mebbe touchy 'bout Kingfeller on accounta he's a Merkin who come t' Canadee jest after ol' King got shot dead by James Earl Ray while he was standin' on a balcony in a motel. I figger Jamesy's right an' Jimmy Elvis is a true blue believer in the good Reverend King an' he din't like the way ol' Soilburger was soilin' his good name by makin' jokey jokes. Ol' Elvis hisself more or less sed the selfsame thing an' he din't back down a hunnert percents worth but he did give an inch or more.

Ol' Elvis put up a little boog post a few days ago where he mentioned ol' JimBobby Sez an' I figger he's not such a bad ol' boy on accounta he done that an' he come out an' sed he was partly wrong 'bout slapping ol' Monty around like he done. I reckon he deserves a little credit but it don't look like too many that give'm proper shit fer bein' too politickal correct are sayin' he done anything good by backin' off. I figger he was mostly all wet but he should get sum credit fer admittin' it.

Yores trooly,


Darcey said...

Howdy JimBobby,

Two things come to mind that I try and live by that were taught by my grandfather:

One - It takes a man to admit when he's wrong.

Two - You can only be a man when you stand up for what you believe in.

I think that Solberg, excuse the lanquage, is a pretty good shit to stand up and say what he believes, and the same for Elvis. I hope Solberg doesn't take this as a negative event and continues writing his mind. Of course there will always be opposing forces, but that is required.

alsocanadian said...

Hey Jimbob

I think Solberg is going to get nailed no matter what he says. You are right about his position, though. It's gonna come back and bite him come next election.
As far as Elves, I still maintain the man is a saint (which is why I can't figure out the reason he's a Liberal!)

Anonymous said...

Hey JimBobby,
Thanks for this post. Sorry I missed it earlier. For a new blogger, you seem to have managed to grasp the essentials of the controversy quite accurately.

Thanks,too, to Darcey and Alsocanadian. One little correction... I am a liberal but I'm not a Liberal. As far as being a saint... Ha! I'll be sure to show that to my wife. This whole thing had me so snarky the other evening that I snapped at her for no good reason. I think opinions vary on my candidacy for sainthood. :-)

Jim Elve

JimBobby said...

Whooee! ElvisFeller, thankee kindly fer seein' fit t' drop by an' leave yerself a comment at my little boog. I reckon yer one o' the bigtime boogers in the Canajun boogeysphere an' like Jay Currypowder an' a few other fellers sez, yer a real gent.

Come back any ol' time.

Yores trooly,

Meaghan Champion said...

Hey Jim Bobby,

What do you make of this Matt character calling Canada a big ol' waste of time -- and then saying that George Bush is like a kind of Squeegie Man. See my blog for details.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! EdwardT, I jest went over t' yer boog story 'bout Bushfeller bein' made out t' look like a squeegee guy an' Canadee made out t' look like a snooty-tooter that sez, "That's the way the Mercedes-Benz," when sum pore deranged soul splashes sum dirty ditchwater onto their clean windows.

I left me a bigass comment onta yer boog tellin' what I think like yer askin'.

I seen that yer showin' my boog in yer boogroll so I'm gonna get yers inta my own boogroll.

Yores trooly,

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