Monday, March 21, 2005

Big News! Polyticians Not Trusted

Whooee! I jest seen a CP story in the Yahoo News that's all about a 'pinion pool on "Who do you trust?" Big surprise. Hardly anybuddy trusts polyticians.

Politicians and automobile vendors continued to fare poorly in a poll of the most admired professions, while firefighters, nurses and farmers still were among the most trusted.

The Leger Marketing poll conducted March 1-8 suggested that 16 per cent of Canadians trusted politicians, two percentage points higher than their level in a similar poll a year ago.

Car salespeople were trusted by 18 per cent, one point down from last year.

Yessir, we even trust them shady car salesmen more'n we trust the good fellers an' gals we send up the river t' Ottywa or t' the mayor's office or t' Queens Park. We elected 'em. Why can't we trust 'em?

I reckon we got ourselves t' blame. With polyticians an' car salesmen alike, they jest tell us what we wanna hear. Car salesman tells us a pie in the sky story how it's a great little buggy an' the price is right. Polyticians's always gettin' up on stumps an' promisin' pies up in the sky if we'd only cast our vote in their direction. If they din't lie to us we'd never elect 'em an' we'd never buy a car from 'em. We make 'em lie an' then we blame 'em fer doin' it.

Kinda funny, too, folks trust polyticians more this year than they did last year. Shee-it! AdScam's all over the news an' trust in polyticians is goin' up.

Looks like everybuddy trusts the firemen, nurses an' farmers. I reckon that's on accounta we don't make 'em lie to us.

Yores trooly,


Unknown said...

Was their any doubt. The Ontario Courts said that McGuinty can break a agreement he signed with the people of Ontario. So basically they have the legal ability to lie to us whenever they want.

Meaghan Champion said...

JimBobby can I have a few minutes of your time sir? What do you say to the allegations that you are harbouring Weapons of Mass Squirrel Destruction in your home? Will you let the Squirrel Weapons Inspectors in your home to inspect for Weapons? How will you respond if the UN decides to impose economic sanctions on you? Mr.JimBobby, how do you respond?

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer chimin' in, alien an' stuffed bear. YodaFeller, they ain't just legally allowed t' lie. We want 'em t' lie. If they don't spin a good enuff yarn, we don't elect 'em.

The squirrels have proven t' be crafty devils. My secret location rules out any chances of inspection fer WMSD. I ain't got any of 'em an' I reckon that's my problem. I'd love t' get me sum poison squirrel gas or a neutron squirrel bomb.

Past few days the sumbitches's been layin' low. Ma heard one at 4:30 this mornin' but me an' ol' Spot slept through. Right now, I got a hole drilled in the wall an' a humane-as-all-getout live trap set. That's been set fer days, though, an' we ain't barely heard the critters. I reckon they're all at yer place stagin' a major attack. The chatter levels are goin' up an' I feel a Code Orange comin' on.