Friday, February 16, 2007

"Soft on Terrorism?" Don't Insult Our Intelligence

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I was jest over t' StageLeft an' the Stage Coach Driver's got a boog story with a good letter t' Pryminister Steve tellin' Harpoon what's what an' what's his job in question period. It ain't rocket science. His job is t' answer questions.

Reason he wrote the letter was on accounta when King Steve got asked 'bout how he's gonna help out the autoworkers in Ontariariario, Steve answered back that Dion's soft on terrism. That got me writin' a bigass comment an' now I'm recyclin' most o' that selfsame comment inta this here boog story.

That ol’ “soft on terrism” crappola don’t cut any shit with most Canajuns, anymore - if it ever did. Harpoon might reinforce the support o’ sum Boogin’ Tories or Alien Alberts but he ain’t gonna win over any new Cons by usin’ Georgie Dubya’s wornout name-callin’ tactics. Bush’s in the dumper. He might still be Harpoon’s hero but he ain’t got the support of even 30% of his own Merkan people an’ he’s a liability t’ his own Repugnacian party.

Canajuns ain’t livin’ in a vacuum. We get the bigass Merkan news networks on our TV’s. We heard that dumbass line bein’ used by the Bushman an’ we know that under the Bushman’s reign of terror, terrism has become a bigger troublem. His version o’ bein’ tuff has helped make the world a less safe place an’ there ain’t much of anybuddy who don’t see it that way in 2007.

We ain’t stoopid enuff t’ fall fer that BushTalk from outta our pryminister. I reckon Harpoon’s insultin’ the intelligence o’ Canajuns. Not only by this dumbass Bushism but by thinkin’ nobuddy notices when he doesn’t answer the question. Come t’ think of it, he’s insultin’ Canajuns’ intelligence with that ridiculous green disguise he’s been wearin’ lately. Green, my ass.

Regardin’ the dirty ol’ car makers, there’s a golden opportunity in the green economy department. We give billions in tax breaks t’ the big 3 an’ we can put sum strings on the corporate welfare so’s they hafta do things like produce hybrid cars instead o’ Lincoln Navigators in Canajun factories. Mebbe even hybrid Navigators, who knows?

We can also encourage the automakers t’ clean up their act and reduce their own carbon footprint. I’m talkin’ tax breaks fer implementin’ emissions reduction. That money is money we keep here in Canada instead o’ payin’ it out in Kyoto penalties t’ other countries. Win-win stuff.

Harpoon’s got quit insultin’ our intelligence an’ start usin’ that big egghead o’ his t’ work on solutions instead o’ all o’ this here natterin’ negativity an’ polytickle finger pointin’.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link.... by the end of the day I had written an email to the fella who represents my riding in the House of Comments (damn!! I still like that) and also answers the questions about the environment these days asking him about how Ministers conduct themselves in the House.

If he bothers to reply the answer will be posted on the blog.

Anonymous said...


"Climatologists are pessimistic that political leaders will take any positive action to compensate for the climatic change, or even to allay its effects."

From the IPCC 2007 report?

No Boy Wonder. It’s from Newsweek, April 28, 1975. Check it out, a scary read; it’s got charts, maps, even warnings from NOAA scientists. We should be stocking up on food and looking for land in Australia!

JimBobby said...

Back in 1960-sumpin', the scientists sed they was sure cigarette smokin' causes cancer. The tobacco industry spent 40 years denyin' that science. Gummints continued t' not take any positive action t' curtail smokin' an' even helped tobacco farmers an' processors with gummint handouts an' research grants t' help 'em grow more tobacka an' make more cigarettes.

Thousands an' thousands died from tobacka-induced lung cancer over the past 40 years. More are dyin' everyday, even now. Why? Because the tobacka industry makes big money fer both itself an' fer gummint by way o' taxes. Industries with big profits use them profits t' lobby gummint an' cancer victims mostly spent all their money on cigarettes an' cancer treatment.

Now, we got one industry - oil & gas -- that's makin' big money an' doin' the selfsame sorta lobbyin' that the tobacka industry done. Denyin' their industry causes any harm an' continuin' t' make bushels o' dough an' t' use sum of it t' lobby gummint.

Denyin' facts don't make 'em less factual -- it don't matter if yer denyin' the evidence fer 5 minutes or 50 years.


Anonymous said...

Holy greenhouse effect Batman, aren't these NOAA scientists the same who now tell us we should carbon tax our economies so we can give the money to the Russians to pay for these Kyoto credit things while the Chinese build a coal fired power plant a week?

No Boywonder, that was their dads, their kids make their money now telling us the opposite is gonna happen.

Golly Batman, but what would we have done if we had listened to the dads?

Well Boywonder, according to that Newsweek piece we would have covered the ice caps with soot to melt them.

But Batman aren't these scientists smarter and isn't their equipment better and doesn't that mean they have all the answers?

Yes, of course it does Boywonder, and their dads said the same thirty years ago.

JimBobby said...

Here's a pertinent points I copied from the comments at StageLeft. Most came from Balbulican but I added a couple an' so did sum other boogers.
Logical fallacies that get in the way of critical thinking on climate change.

a) I don’t like the Kyoto Accord, therefore climate change models are wrong.

b) I don’t like the way that media focus on the most sensational aspects of the IPCC finding, therefore climate change models are wrong.

c) I don’t like the UN, therefore climate change models are wrong.

d) Some scientists are suggesting additional mechanisms that may contribute to climate change, therefore climate change models are wrong.

e) It’s snowing today, therefore global warming isn’t happening.

f) I don’t like Al Gore, therefore climate change models are wrong.

g) A huge majority of scientists agrees that humans contribute to global warming: science is not made by voting: therefore they’re wrong.

h) The actual scientific papers are long and complicated, and therefore they’re wrong.

i) Besides, even if Global Warming is real, it’s Gods will - didn’t you heathens know that?

j) Man has always adapted to change and our superior intellect and technology’ll see us through.

k) The world has only raised 0.6 degrees Centigrade so Global Warming isn’t happening.

l) Some scientists were wrong one other time, so all scientists are always wrong.