Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Greens Harper's Best Friends in Quest for Majority

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I reckon me an' my Green Party buddies is gonna help ol' King Steve Harpoon get his majority when we have our next electionvote. I can't say the idea don't make me a little bit queasy. I'm a little queasy but I ain't shittin' my pants an' I'll tell you why.

Steve's an egghead. He ain't jest an ordinary egghead. He's an egghead's egghead. I don't figger there's many Canajuns who don't give Harpoon sum credit fer usin' his massive brainpower t' get his Cons elected. He's one smart cookie, no two ways. I'm countin' on his brain t' work things out an' come t' the only smart conclusions a brainiac egghead can come to.

So far, Harpoon's been lettin' PitBullBoy yap an' yammer an' Baird sez he ain't buyin' inta any carbon taxin' or carbon tradin' scheme. But that's gonna change, sez I. The Cons has shown they ain't afraid o' flippety-floppin' an' I figger they're settin' 'emselves up fer a flip-floppin' on carbon tradin' jest like they done with the income trusts. When sumpin' makes economic sense, like taxin' income trusts or gettin' in on carbon tradin', they gotta do it.

King Steve's specialty is economics. A couplafew weeks ago, they had the World Economic Forum over in Davos, Switzerland. The world's biggest bizness guys an' industrialists an' economists all agreed that man-made climate change is sumpin' t' worry 'bout an' also that it's sumpin' where there's money t' be made. They're economic smartypantses jest like Harpoon an' they're all gung-ho on carbon tradin'. They're gettin' in on the ground floor an' I figger Harpoon the economic egghead ain't so stoopid as t' watch while Canada's economy goes down the tubes on accounta we didn't get in on the carbon market.

Steve knows that jobs-jobs-jobs equals votes-votes-votes. The sector where we got the best chance o' creatin' jobs-jobs-jobs is energy. Sum o' them jobs'll be created when we make the tar sands produce more oil an' less GHG's. Other new jobs'll be created when we build up alternative energy supplies. There's thousands o' jobs an' billions o' bucks t' be made in wind power, tidal power, hydro power, geothermal power. Steve ain't stoopid an' anybuddy who ain't stoopid can see where new jobs'll come from. The Cons is already modified their slogan from "Canada's an energy superpower" to "Canada's aiming to become a clean energy superpower."

I'm purty well resigned t' the fact that the Cons'll win a majority an' I figger the elctionvote's comin' sooner rather than later. I figger the Green Party's gonna take 'bout 10% o' the popular vote. I figger that'll put the Con candidates first past the post in a majority o' ridin's. They'll get a majority gummint with the smallest popular support ever. An' jest like everybuddy's scared of, they'll be able t' do jest what they want fer 5 years or so.

I'm countin' on 'em doin' what makes economic sense fer Canada an' that's t' capitalize on carbon tradin' an' green-collar job creation.

Yores trooly,

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