Saturday, February 03, 2007

Earth Mother Lizzie May's the Gal for Me

Whooee! Well friends, I been spendin' sum time on the right-wing side o' the Canajun boogeysphere over t' Jack's Newswatch. The topic is Mother Earth an' I been havin' a yammerin' gabfest with a couplafew Conservative HarpoonTossers. I been tryin' t' educate 'em on Earth Mother Lizzie May's treehuggin', Birkenstock-wearin', fair trade coffee-drinkin', granola-munchin', dandelion-diggin', birdwatchin', carbon-taxin' Green Party o' Canadee.

I wrote up quite a few comments over there an' I even bumped inta a climate change denier. Them deniers is gettin' rarer'n hens' teeth -- sorta like the moon-landin' deniers an' the flat earthers an' the creationists an' the Dubya backers an' the 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

When serious discussions is goin' on 'bout space exploration, nobuddy listens t' the moon landin' deniers. It's startin' t' get that way with the climate change deniers. Can't happen too soon, sez I.

Anyways, here's a little o' what I sed 'bout the Greenies.

The Greens is fiscally conservative an’ socially liberal. If yer one o’ them who agrees that business an’ industry ain’t intrinsically bad an’ can play a major role in environmental action and at the same time the gummint’s got no bizness legislatin’ live-an’-let-live morality issues, the GPC’s fer you. If you ain’t anti-bizness but you get yer knickers in a twist ’bout gay marriage an’ recreational pot-smokin’, stick with the Cons.

Mebbe nuke power can get phased out. Mebbe not. Here in Ontariariario, Ginty sed he was gonna shut down all the coal generators. He found out he couldn’t. Buildin’ more nuke plants is ’bout the biggest gummint handout we gotta worry ’bout here in Ontario. Lobbyin’ in high places has us makin’ multi-billion dollar “investments” of public money into a poorly performin’ idea. It's subsidization an’ corporate welfare. We don’t need it if we get busy reducin’ an’ buildin’ up renewable energy resources like wind, solar, geothermal, biodiesel, hydroelectric an’ tidal power.

From what sum fellers sez, CANDU fission sounds better’n the other nuke systems. I worry ’bout how much we need t’ spend protectin’ spent nuke fuel from gettin’ in the hands o’ rotten bastard terrists. I figger we’re gonna see the army guardin’ nuke plants an’ that’s not what I want my tax dollars payin’ fer.

Check out the price o’ uranium. It ain’t goin’ down. It’s goin’ up — fast. By the time new nukes get built, it might be too expensive t’ buy. ‘Specially, if more nukes get built all over the world.

The GPC ain’t gonna form a gummint anytime soon. They know it. They don’t go ’round makin’ promises they know they can’t keep jest so’s they can fool people inta votin’ fer ‘em. The other parties all see a chance at winnin’ an’ they lie an’ promise the impossible on things like coal generators, income trusts, hospital wait times, GST, childcare and anything else they think’ll get ‘em enuff votes t’ do whatever they dang well please.

When 8%+ voters reject the big old-timey parties an’ vote Green, the old parties get hurt an’ they wanna win back them voters. They try t’ win them GPC votes by adoptin’ GPC policy. If they really follow through on implementin’ the stolen policies, the Greens’ll be happy — even if Lizzie May ain’t settin’ in the PM’s chair.

Yores trooly,


Rosie said...

Great post! Lizzie May is a true inspiration. She's speaking in Halifax today and I tried to get out and see her but had too much work to do :( . Its the second time I've missed her here.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer the comment, RosieGal. I live right near Nanticoke where we got North Merka's worst pollutin' coal generator. I'm hopin' Lizzie May'll drop by one day an' I'll get t' shake her hand.