Monday, February 12, 2007

How Much is That Pit Bull in the Window? (song, audio)

Fewings cartoon used by permission
Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I been inspired a lot lately to make up songs 'bout Canajun polyticks. I recorded up a couple last week an' I gotta new one today an' it's all 'bout Steve Harper's pit bull, Johnny Baird. I made a MP3 audio file (2.35 Mb) so's you can hear me singin' it.

How Much is That Pit Bull in the Window?

How much is that pit bull in the window?
Environment Minister Baird.
He looks like he'd take a bite outta Belinda,
And make all the other Liberals run scared.

He took over from Rona, the hapless,
To make Harper's Tories look green,
And now when it comes to green action,
There's a pit bull who's snarly and mean.

He won't allow emission capping;
Carbon taxes make him recoil.
Then he charges out barking and snapping,
While he feathers the bed for big oil.

One point three billion in handouts,
Each year to Alberta's tar sands
To help kill the Earth no one can doubt.
So, who's got the blood on their hands?

Ontario's big three car makers
Spew poisons and filth in the air.
Of tax breaks and handouts they're takers;
But the sleepy pit bull doesn't care.

The Liberal leadership race was quite fitful.
They elected Stephane, the green.
But a poodle's no match for a pit bull;
Especially, a pit bull so mean.

So, when you see pit bull Baird comin',
Give the snarly cur a wide berth.
He'll keep the dirty economy hummin',
To the peril of old Mother Earth.

If you're tired of pit bull Baird's horseshit,
And you're looking to find a new way
To stop factories from emitting more shit,
Join the Greens and Elizabeth May.


Yores trooly,


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