Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pragmatic Liberals? Don't Make Me Laugh.

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I was over t' Far and Wide an' they're having a boogin' gabfest in the comments department on jest how great the Liberal Party o' Canada is on accounta they allow fer dissention in the ranks an' how they got a big tent. I ain't so sure 'bout the big tent. I reckon mebbe they got a big campground an' a lot o' little teepees pitched here an' there.

Since I'm a pragmatist an' a lazyass, I copied my comment from there an' whipped it inta this here boog story. That's called gettin' a job done an' gettin' it done with the least cost an' effort. I learned t' work that way by bein' self-employed fer 30-odd years. Anyways, here's mostly what I yammered 'bout in my comment.

The Liberal fellers an' gals over t' Far an' Wide was doin' a great job o' pattin' 'emselves on the back. I ain't no HarpoonTosser an' I ain't sayin' the Conmen don't try t' capitalize on dissent within the Grits. One thing I reckon is that any party'll use any dissention in the other fellers' ranks as ammo against 'em. I call that polyticks-as-usual an' the Cons is as usual as the Grits when it comes t' playin' polytickle games.

Dissent within the Grits when the Martinets purged the Chretienites is the main reason the GrittyBoys ain't in power right now. A united Liberal Party would o' beat the damage done by AdScam an' at least got a minority. Martin screwed up bigtime when he kept on with the rivalry an' nastiness after he'd already won.

Stoopid, sez I, really stoopid.

Steve V.'s the fine booger who writes the Far an' Wide boog. I reckon he's a good wordsmith an' a good Liberal foot soldier an' I commend him fer his dedication an' fer sharin' his 'pinions in his boog an' fer allowin' dissentin' 'pinions t' get publicated in his comments. He's a credit t' the Canajun boogeysphere, sez I.

But ... (Sorry, SteveFeller) he's spinnin' 'round makin' fancy cheerleadin' moves when he sez -
"The Liberal Party, at present, seems to be the only home for pragmatism."
He explains what he means by tellin' how the Grits can bend an' morph an' respond t' publick 'pinion an', even though that looks like flip-floppin' an' mebbe even is flip-floppin', it ain't a bad thing an' it only goes t' show how pragmatic the Liberals is.

If yer main definition o' pragmatism is being able t' flip-flop (like Steve's sayin'), Harpoon's got the Grits beat with income trusts, anthropogenic climate change an' kissin' Mahar Arar's behind. He's an ideologue, no two ways, but he's been eatin' sum crow on a few bigass issues.

I don't reckon pragmatism is all 'bout flip-floppin', though. I always call myself a pragmatist an' when I say that, I mean that I'm a feller who wants t' tackle troublems head-on with practical, effective solutions. That means comin' to a decision an' not ditherin' with too many superfluous discussions an' endless studies, reports an' consensus buildin' horsepuckey.

The Liberals ain't exactly that kinda pragmatists, sez I. I ain't gonna trot out that dumbass "13 years of ... blah blah blah..." but I am gonna say there was way too much head-scratchin' an' redundant studyin' done under the Grits. A lotta talk without a lotta action.

Kyoto come in 5 years ago - not 13 or 15, like sum numbnutses wanna say -- but the grits knew it was comin' an if they believed in the dangers o' Climate Change as defined in Kyoto in 1998-99, they shoulda done a whole lot more'n what they did. Fer sure, they coulda an' if they was pragmatic, they woulda.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda don't cut it fer this voter.

The Liberals can pat themselves on the back fer bein' open-minded an' welcomin' different 'pinions an' points o' view in their ranks but, dang it all, ol' Mother Earth ain't got time fer an all talk, no action party.

You want pragmatism? Take a look at the Greenies.

Yores trooly,


Steve V said...


I've never been one for pom poms, it's just an opinion :)

JimBobby said...

Whooee! SteveFeller, thankee kindly fer droppin' by. I weren't tryin' t' be offensive with the cheerleader label. I do my share o' cheerleadin', too, 'cept I cheerlead fer Earth Mother Lizzie May an' her band o' Greenies.

Cheerleadin' fer yer team's a good thing an' like I sed, I admire yer dedication.

Fer me, pragmatism means gettin' things done. Ol' Fartin Martin was pragmatic when he was the deficit-slayer. He was pragmatic again when he got done with the job o' becomin' LPC leader. 'Bout then, the pragmatism stopped, I reckon.

You probbly ain't been over here t' my little boog before so you mebbe don't know that I save most o' my written-down tongue-lashin' fer the Cons. That's mostly on accounta they're the ones in power right now. It's partly on accounta they're social conservatives who wanna turn back the clock an' don't give a ratsass 'bout human rights when it comes t' stuff like selfsame sexy marryin' (SSM).

Anyways, Steve, I don't tear a strip offa the Libs as often as I do the Cons. This was jest yer unlucky today, I figger. :)

Steve V said...

BTW, my little crack at my blog was all in fun, which I'm sure you can appreciate :) Welcome anytime.

JimBobby said...

Thankee, SteveMan. I'll dropover sumtimes.

I knew you were only havin' a joke on accounta the little emoticon you typewrote at the end. That's how I knew ol' Red Tory weren't jokin' on accounta he didn't make any little smiles or winks but only called names.

RT's an Englishman, I figger. Only Englishmen say "prat", I think. From what I know 'bout English slang, it means "ass". Mebbe he was searchin' Yahoo.