Monday, February 26, 2007

My MPP Writes Back... Sort of... Not really

Whooee! Well, a couplafew days ago, I wrote a email t' my MPP Toby Barrett an' I sed here on my boog that I'd keep my thousands o' faithful readers up t' date on what he writes back.

Here's what come in this mornin' -

This will acknowledge receipt of your e-mail . We receive hundreds of e-mails each week from across Canada and around the world. Mr.Barrett endeavours to respond personally and on a priority basis to those received from people in the Haldimand-Norfolk-Brant Riding. For this reason we require your residential street name and number, the municipality where you live and your postal code and telephone number.Thank you for providing this information.

Yeow! I s'pose I expected as much. Well. I ain't tellin' Toby where I live so I reckon I won't be gettin' any more answers from him by email. I do live in his ridin' an' he knows me t' see me an' talk to an' I know his Pa an' knew his late Ma an' I know his sisters Liz an' Barb an' I own art work done by Liz an' CD's by his brother-in-law House. My ol' Mum is from a ol' timey Port Dover family jest like Toby. But I ain't revealin' my secret boogin' identity t' Toby, nosirreebob.

I sent my email t' Toby as a list o' questions he an' his Tory gang could use on Ginty t' make the Grits look bad in Question Period. They was the selfsame questions I posted in the lightbulb story. When somebuddy gives you a gift of QP ammo, I don't reckon it matters if they're from Port Dover or Portugal. I weren't askin' him t' come over fer coffee.

Here's my questions again -

What is the Ontario government doing to reduce it's own carbon footprint?


  1. The government purchases hundreds of vehicles for various ministry operations, policing, etc. Does the government have a procurement policy that requires public funds be spent on fuel efficient and/or hybrid vehicles?
  2. Buildings are one of the biggest contributors to GHG emissions. Has the government embarked on an energy audit program for all Ontario's publicly owned buildings?
  3. Ontario collects a hefty 8% sales tax. What is Ontario doing by way of tax incentives to encourage reduced energy use?
  4. Government properties like the grounds of public buildings and parks require lawn-cutting and landscape maintenance. What measures have been taken to ensure that eco-friendly methods are employed with regard to gasoline powered equipment, weed and pest control, planting of native species, etc.?

Now, I don't care if Toby emails back or not but I sure as hell do hope he takes my advice an' asks Ginty them questions.

I emailed Toby back with most o' what I wrote here. I reckon I did my best t' convince him that I'm livin' in his ridin' without tellin' my real name.


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