Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bill C-292, An Act to implement the Kelowna Accord

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I was over t' StageLeft a coupla days ago an' it was the first I ever heard about this here Bill C-292, An Act to implement the Kelowna Accord . Man-o-man, I thought I was haffway up t' speed on First Nations issues but this one slipped past my rss reader, somehow. StageLeft weren't asleep at the switch like ol' JimBob, though. They been on this since the beginnin'. Them fine fellers over t' StageLeft is always right on top o' FN issues.

So anyways, this here C-292 is sorta like the C-288 an it tells the minority gummint HarpoonTossers that they gotta implement the Kelowna Accord just like C-288 sez they gotta implement Kyoto. Well, sez I, it makes sense that the majority calls the shots if yer livin' in a democracy. Only about 37% of the 60% of Canajuns who got off their asses an' went down t' the Legion hall t' exercise their democratic franchise voted fer the HarpoonTossers.

Harper - 37%, Other Guys - 63%.

When the majority tells the minority it has t' do what the gummint promised t' do, then dang it all, they oughta do it.

C-292's on my radar now an' I'll be rootin' fer it t' make it past third readin'.


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