Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Mantra: Blame Kyoto

Whooee! I figger we're gonna see more'n'more o' this sorta crappola from the anti-Kyoto crowd. Every time there's a bizness setback, they'll scapegoat it onta Kyoto. I was over t' BigCityLib's boog this mornin' an' there was an anonynumbnuts commenter who sed --
Didn't know meeting Kyoto would be so easy.

I seen he was bein' sarcastic an' blamin' Kyoto an' I give the shitferbrains a dressin' down when I sed -

TOYOTA TO CREATE 2000 CANADIAN JOBS in Woodstock, another 320 in Simcoe, ON.

The Big 3 are all in trouble, all across North Merka. We ain't enforced any Kyoto targets an' neither have the Merkans so I gotta wonder how the anony feller can put the blame on it.

Canajuns an' Merkans both react quicker t' things like the price o' gas than the automakers. Sales of SUV's an' gas guzzlers softened quick an' the Big 3'll take years t' catch up.

It don't help much when Ontariariario an' Ottywa put billions inta proppin' up the backward-thinkin' auto industry. The bottom's bound t' fall out.

Thousands o' green collar jobs are bein' created but there's a few here an' a few there that's addin' up. It don't make news like 2000 jobs at one outfit.

Ol' Mother Earth's in trouble an' more'n'more folks is tryin' t' put us on the road t' survival.

Lead, follow or get outta the way.

Our gummints been kissin' ass by dolin' out corporate welfare t' the automakers an' t' the oil an' gas industry. The Grits done it when they was in. The Cons is doin' it now. The provincial gummints is right on board, too. Not all Canajuns is happy 'bout our tax money goin' t' help put more Lincoln Navigators on the road or t' waste water an' energy extractin' tar sands oil so's the numbnutses an' ostriches in Canadee an' Merka can poison the earth.

If gummints is gonna give away our money, there oughta be strings attached an' them strings oughta be green.

Yores trooly,



Red Jenny said...

Funny, this blaming it on Kyoto. What about blaming the automaker's inefficiencies, or the prioritizing of profit for stockholders rather than workers, or the exigencies of Capitalism itself?

JimBobby said...

Whooee! JennyGal, I figger we're jest seein' the tip o' the iceberg when it comes t' the bad-mouthin' Kyoto's gonna get. Now that Harpoon's bunch are talkin' 'bout floutin' the law an' the will o' Parliament an' the voice o' the people, their true colours is showin'. The only green thing they're interested in is greenback dollars from their energy wastin' buddyboys in Merka.