Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bigass Yahoo Ranking

Whooee! Well, I see lotsa funny stuff in my referrer logs jest like every booger does. Usually, I get Googlers lookin' fer Katrina Song or Jesus Cartoons. Today, I come across this funny one where they was searchin' fer "bigass." Danged if they didn't find ol' JimBobby Sez an' danged if I ain't the only English language site in there with all o' these here Chinese ones.

Now, jest earlier today I give sum yahoo a minor dressin' down on accounta him goin' ad hominem on me. Now, I got this Yahoo showin' my boog when the Chinese look fer bigass.

I ain't sure how much abuse I can take.



Anonymous said...

On the day one of my hits came from a Google search on "Ann Coulter naked" I nearly had a mental breakdown - some things are too horrifying for even the InterWeb.

Anonymous said...
Someone came to my site looking for that today.