Friday, February 09, 2007

NDP, Green Party, Sierra Club - Who you gonna trust?

Whooee! Well friends, I was over t' the BCer in TO today cheerin' on the gal I adore, Earth Mother Lizzie May. A gal name o' Jan from up in Bruce County said Lizzie gal's got a uphill climb an' she reminded me that back in 2006 the Sierra Club gave higher marks fer the NDP environment platform than fer the Greens.

Everything's changed since then. Jest ask the so-called former climate change denier, Steve Harpoon. Lizzie May comes from the Sierra Club so I reckon if there were any shortcomin's in the 2006 GPC platform, she'll fix 'em if she ain't already fixed 'em. I ain't sure if Jan was tryin' t' cheerlead fer the Dippers or not but I told her why I don't figger the Dips are the ones t' trust on green suff.

Here's what I sed -

I figger the Dipper's is a bit like the Grits. They can talk a good talk on green stuff. When push comes t' shove, the Dips'll side with the dirty car makers who keep the union folks workin'.

The Sierra Club endorsed what the NDP put on paper - not what the NDP had actually accomplished. NDP gummints in BC an 'Sasky got pitiful records when it comes t' loggin' an' minin' issues. We ain't never had a NDP fed gummint so alls we can look at fer the party's record is what they done provincially -- an' that weren't impressive.

The Dips is clingin' t' a outdated economic model - socialism. Sure, on paper, socialism looks good. Ideally, it might be great. But we ain't livin' in an ideal world. The reality is that biznesses, big an' small, hold great sway. The GPC sees bizness as our ally in makin' changes. The NDP sees bizness as its enemy an' because of that, can never enlist the much-needed cooperation of bizness in affectin' green action.

GPC an' NDP are two very different parties with similar ideas on the environment and a few other issues. If the NDP would get out o' bed with the unions an' the dirty industries who employ them unions, they might have sum credibility.

The new green economy is gonna need entrepreneurs an' venture capitalists t' create green-collar jobs. Entrepreneurs an' venture capitalists ain't the natural constituency o' the Dippers. The GPC's fiscally conservative, bizness-friendly philosophy is the antithesis of the NDP's adversarial posture. If we want green action, we need bizness cooperation an' we ain't gonna get it if the NDP's callin' the shots.

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