Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why Change the LPC? Just Vote Green.

Whooee! I went out t' BC last Fall. It's purty place, no two ways. I feel sorry fer pore ol' Jeff, the boogin' BCer in Trawna (centre o' the universe). Too bad 'bout the change o' scenery, JeffMan.

Anyways, Jeff's got hisself a good boog story askin' if the Grits ought get sum negative attack ads o' their own t' use on the HarpoonTossers. Jeff comes down on the "no ads" side. Good thinkin', sez I.

When Jeff was sayin' what he figgered the Grits oughta do, it sounded t' me like he was sayin' the Liberals oughta adopt every strategy an' policy o' the Greenies.

- The Greens operate on a tight budget an' will wait til an electionvote before spendin' on ads.

- Greens don't go negative but keep on pushin' green actions an' green thinkin'.

- The Green leader is personable an' ain't viewed as a Ottywa insider-wonk. Who wouldn't wanna have Lizzie May over fer a coffee?

So, Libruls, them things Jeff sez yer gang oughta do are already bein' done by the Greens. An' with ol' Mother Earth at the top o' voters' issues, Canajuns can trust the Greens t' keep their eye on the environmental ball.

Neither the Cons or the Grits can claim a good record on Mother Earth issues. The kindergarten antics from both parties while the Earth burns ain't goin' unnoticed by concerned Canajuns.

Canajuns outside o' Q-beck got 4 choices -

- The Cons: Nobuddy believes they really grasp or care 'bout green action.

- The Grits: 13 years o' talkin' the talk an' no walkin' the walk.

- The Dippers: Dirty factory (union) jobs trump real green action. In BC an' Sasky, NDP gummints fell down on protectin' Mother Earth.

- The Greenies: Respect an' stewardship o' Mother Earth underpins every policy. Undisputably the greenest national party.

Take a good look at the GPC's 2006 platform. It builds on a green foundation but it addresses purty much every topic you can think of.

Yores trooly,


Peter Dodson said...

My favorite aspect of the Green Party platform is that fundamentally, it doesn't see the earth as a resource. The Green Party wants to transform our relationship to the land and how we think about it. It is a dramatic shift in how we view the world.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer chimin' in, Dodos. That's a good point an' it goes right t' the heart o' the matter. The Green way o' thinkin' is shows a shift in perception. The Earth ain't sumpin' there fer us t' exploit. It's a livin' organism an' we're part of it.


Anonymous said...

Things have to change and Liz is just he lady to do it. The others all have baggage and little credibility on any issue.

Some time in the not to distant future, I see a large composte pile out by the parliamentry loading docks. Under the leaf mold and grass clippings you might catch a glimps of Baird's snarl or Laytons smarmy disingenuous smile. Oh happy days as we dance around it and sing hosanna.