Sunday, February 25, 2007

Calling Peter MacKay, Seeking Human Decency

Whooee! Well decent humans, I got my knickers in a twist over this here bizness where the torturin' Merkans got a Canajun family -- includin' a 9 year old kiddie -- all locked up in one o' their dungeons down in BushLand Texas. There's plenty o' Canajun boogers who been postin' up boog stories on this. If yer havin' troublems with my way o' writin', take a gander at AnnieMarie's verbena-19 or liberal catnip or Kuri's boog or Democracy Now or Hope an' Onions or Skdaddler.

If the Merkans lockin' up a 9 year old Canajun citizen is makin' you chew nails an' fart tacks an' yer pee's gettin' all sudsy, there's only about one thing you can do an' that's send a letter or email t' Condi's Canajun boyfriend Petey MacKay an' tell him what I told him.

I told Petey MacKay t' act fer the sake o' human decency an' if he's a decent human, he will.

By my count, the pore little feller's been in the Merkan jail fer 21 days already. This sorta thing can kill kiddies so do sumpin' fast even if it's only sendin' a email t' Condi's Nova Scotia Duck Dog.

Here's where PeteFeller's got his addresses posted up on the internets --

Here's his email address --

He's got some fax numbers posted up, too. Ma sends a lot o' letters fer Amnesty International an' she uses the fax quite a bit fer that sorta stuff. My experience sez MP's react better t' paper mail than t' email. Maybe they react better t' faxes, too, so if you got a fax machine or if yer a techno-whiz-kid an' can make WinFax work, send faxes. If yer floatin' in dough, send a registered letter by courier or same-day Canada Post.

If yer a booger an' you gotcher own little boog, do like I'm doin' an' post up a boog story. The lazyasses in the main street media (MSM) notice it when a buncha boogers are all boogin' on the selfsame outrage.

Pissed off,


Anonymous said...

Hoooeeey, great post you got there, JimBobby! Thanks for linking to your other bloogy-friends---I right appreciate that, m'friend.
Let's hope this little guy can come home soon. GDK

skdadl said...

Hoooeeey! JimBobby, you have quite the effect on a girl -- in all my born days I have not heard godammitkitty talkin' that way. I mean this way. I mean, thanks kindly for the socializin', JimBobby, and let's keep our fingers crossed for Majid and Kevin and his mama, when we're not busy typin' for them, o' course.

Anonymous said...

I reckon your post is a might better reeserch'd than mine, JB. Thanks fer the link, tho.

Let's keep that fire burnin' under Petey's rump! :D

Erik Sorenson said...

Apparently few folks are actually reading the transcript of the telephone conversation with the family in Puerto Rico, and bear in mind that their “story” stated in the call is completely unverified at this time, including claims of torture, what authorities said or did not say, etc. Also remember that this father/mother is a proven liar and subverter of the immigration process in Canada, so his current “claims” should be taken as just that … claims.

If I understand the situation correctly:

1. The Iranian husband and wife got into Canada illegally many, many years ago, and sought asylum but were ordered deported.

2. During their stay in Canada their son Kevin was born. He is now 7 (or 9) and is claimed to be a Canadian citizen; someone might want to confirm this. Frankly, I think THIS is a travesty against Canadians if it is true (that Kevin is a Canadian citizen).

3. The family lost their hearings and were deported back to Iran.

4. Somehow, the family was trying to get back into Canada again, with no visas or pre-authorization. There is no evidence in the dialogue that their son had a Canadian birth certificate, passport, or any other form of Canadian identification. The fact they were flying through Guyana (Costa Rico also mentioned) on their way here suggests a very round-about approach to getting into Canada. Wonder why?

5. They say their plane made an unplanned landing in Puerto Rico (US possesion) due to an on-board flight emergency. This can not be verified, and it is just as possible that the family was trying to get into the US. Note: Puerto Rico one time during the phone call, Costa Rica another time — very confusing.

6. The US authorities have detained the family in PR. Presumably the lack of a Canadian or US visa for the family made them undesirables, which is understandable. They sure can’t send them on their way to Canada … this isn’t anything remotely resembling the Arar case that some commenters are trying to insinuate in the blogsphere.

7. The storyline really is told in one sentence (probably unthinkingly) by the father in the call: “If Canada give us a visa, we go there; we go to US, if here, we’ll stay here.”

So, as a Canadian, I have zero sympathy or tolerance for a family which has already entered Canada illegally before, been ordered deported, have gone through the appeal and hearing process, have been deported finally, and who are trying to sneak back into Canada again.

It is not like the father and mother are uninformed. They are fully informed and experienced with our immigration process. Moreover, their escapades have resulted in the expenditures of huge sums of taxpayer money already.

As far as I am concerned, Canada does not have one iota of responsibility for this family, and we shouldn’t waste our breath on them. If a “do-gooder” wants to spend his/her own money and time on this, including erroneous “petitions” to Minister McKay, then fine. Just don’t ask Canadian taxpayers or our government to support the escapades of this family any more.

Of course, if the family has a responsible relative in Canada willing to assume responsibility (including financial) to take care of their son in Canada, and if the boy actually has Canadian citizenship and papers to prove it, and if they have the means to get the son to Canada on their own (or friends) financial hook, then let them do it.

That’s the only (possibly) legal part of their illegal, repetitive scheme.

As usual, there’s more than meets the eye when the “It’s a travesty” crowd come out of the woodwork and start screaming.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! ErikFeller, I seen yer pastin' that selfsame bigass comment on every boog who'll let you an' I see it starts out with a bigass disclaimer in the words -
"If I understand the situation correctly:"

All you gotta claim now when sumbuddt wants t' call you on accuracy is say you didn't understand correctly.

Here's all the facts that matter t' me --

Kevin's a 9 year old Canajun citizen.

Kevin's bein' kept locked up in rotten jailhouse conditions in Texas.

Our gummint's gotta duty t' stand up fer Canajuns.

Lockin' up kids in jail an' not lettin' 'em have full access t' their parents is a violation o' the UN Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

Human decency sez you don't lock up 9 year old kids in a jail like this an' you don't defend people who do lock up 9 year old kids in jails like this.


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