Saturday, February 19, 2005

Hockey Schmockey (or mebbe not)

Whooee! Now, mebbe I'm gonna get onta the wrong side o' some fellers an' gals when I say I ain't got much use fer this here perfessional NHL hockey bizness. The fact o' the matter is that most regular folks like ol' JimBobby an' Ma an' the younguns can't afford t' pay a hundred smackers or more t' go an' watch some millionaire prettyboys skatin' around the Air Canadee Centre or the Saddle Dome or the Montreal Forum. Most real life folks got better stuff fer spendin' their pennies on like groceries or clothes fer the kiddies or rent or car insurance (or mebbe a two-four or a bag o' bud once in a while).

So when I heard tell that the NHL hockey season was all washed up, I figgered that was no skin offa my beak. That was before I saw onta the Lloyd Robertson TV News Show that this hockey bizness is mighty important t' the 'conomy o' Canadee. The CTV news sed that the season not happenin' is gonna cost the Canajun 'conomy $350 million an' is puttin' 8,000 workin' folks outta work an' that ain't countin' the hockey players who got lotsa dough anyways. So now I'm wondrin' if mebbe this here lost season o' hockey is scrapin' some skin offa my sniffer an' I'm thinkin' that it probbly is.

When I read this here CP news story onta the Yahoo News where they's sayin ol' Fartin' Martin's makin' some jokey jokes 'bout there bein' no hockey season , I got t' wondrin' whether ol' Pryministerfeller PollyWolly was castin' his mind onta them 8,000 workin' folks who ain't workin' when he's a-cracklin' the one-line joke stories. I'm guessin' he ain't give that much thought like I din't give it much thought before they told me 'bout it onta ol' Lloydfeller's news show.

Now, I reckon bein' jest a simple feller I got a reasonable good excuse fer not knowin' what this no hockey season is doin' t' the Canajun 'conomy but ol' Pryminister Martin oughta have a better pitcher inta his head on accounta him havin' been the financial minister an' such a smarty Farty Marty when it comes t' the dollars an' cents an' the Canajun job situation an' the fact that the CTV fellers got their numbers from offa Statistics Canadee.

Now I don't figger ol' PollyWolly's lookin' at this here boog but if he is what JimBobby sez t' ol' Pryminister Fartin' Martin is if you don't know what's what then I reckon you should oughta know an' if you do know what's what then, by the Jeezuz, how come yer jokin' about it?

Yores trooly,


Mark Richard Francis said...

Martin aint two brite, fer sur.

All thems million airs aint hurtin', butt the west of thems workin stiffs gettin stiffed, u no wat I mean.

Crap! How do you write like this? :)

No hockey = economic hit. No hockey = many people no longer distracted who may actually start paying attention to other things, like politics.

Watch out, Martin! Angry hockey fans are pretty!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Markfeller, yer findin' out like sum other fellers that this here style o' writin' ain't no picknick. Sum fellers was askin' not how do I do it but why do I do it. One o' them doin' the askin' was ol' Brooks the Babbler. You ken have a looksee at what I told the BabblinFeller here.
I reckon yer right 'bout the no hockey gettin' more folks doin' other stuff like takin' notice o' polyticks an' whatall.

Yores trooly,

Don said...

Hey - football's his favourite sport - what do you expect.

The guy's a goof - he supposedly can't even make his own KD - or look after his kids:

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer droppin' by, Donfeller. That there piece you scribbled onta ol' Elvis's Egroup 'bout ol' Fartin' Martin is a nice bit o' writin'. I'd o' commented on it 'cept the sign sed there's no more commenting allowed. I din't know the ol' pryminister couldn't even drive a car or make his own mackarony. I hear tell he had a rich Pappy so that's probbly why.

Come on back an' visit anytime yer in a mind t' chew the fat.

Yores trooly,

ricky said...

Lets round up a bunch of folks and head over the Hockey Hall of Fame and rescue Stanley from the American Lawyers and team owners.

If they are not going to produce a winner then lets hold our own challenge tourney and present the cup to the winner.

Anonymous said...

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