Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Stoppin' by a Bushlot on a Snotty Night

Whooee! I was just castin' my mind back to when ol' JimBobby was young JimBobby. Away back then, the school teacher made us all rememberize this here poem by Bob Frost. I'm not sure if ol' Bob was any relation to that more famous Frost feller, Jack. Ol' Bob Frost got hisself lassooed as poet lariat fer the USofA by ol' Jack Kennedy afore that sumbitch Ozwald blew Jack's head off.

Well the long an' the short of it is that I was gatherin' some cordwood an' I come up with my own version o' ol' Bob's poem. Ol' Frosty called his poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening . I call my version Stoppin' by a Bushlot on a Snotty Night.

Whose bushlot this is I think I know.
He lives amongst the townfolk though;
He ain't gonna catch me an' that's good,
Cause I'm fillin' my trailer with his cordwood.

Some folks are sayin' this owner's queer,
But that don't mean much t' folks round here;
We don't give two hoots where he plants his cock,
As long as it ain't in my wife or somebody's livestock.

This bushlot's purty an' there's lots o' logs
An' it makes a nice place fer walkin' the dogs;
But a cruiser's slowin' down an' I'm hard t' miss.
I'll tell 'em I was jest havin' a piss.

This bushlot's purty an' the cordwood's dry,
But the cops is comin' so I better fly.
Next time I see the owner, I'll give'm a wink,
But careful-like on accounta what the townfolk think.

Yores trooly,


lance said...

holy jumpin' unca jim, tha's some po'try. It's hilarious!
You know, my own folks didn't live very far from Robert Frost's farm. And one time when I was 20 or so, a few of us decided to get in the car and go and have a look. Well, we were drinking and once we got to his farm-turned-historic-site, it was past closing time. That got us all uptight because every last one of us had to pee like mad. And we ended up pissing against the side of a building which turned out to be Robert's personal writing shed.

Well, good luck with yer blog, bubba. I'll check in ever chance I git.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Lanceboy, that's one helluva tale an' it bears some resemblement to my little bit o' versifyin'. Thankee kindly fer stoppin' by my boog. I'm addin' yer boog t' my boogroll soon as I get a minit.

Yores trooly,

Janie For Mayor said...

Hilarious! Great to have you in the blogosphere, JimBobby.

I like the design of your blog, but I think it needs some colour. Might I suggest an attractive bright green?

JimBobby said...

Thankee kindly fer sayin' that, TimmyGee. That green looks nice fer a boreal boog but I'm too chicken t' be so brassy. I'm goin' fer the perfessional beige fer now. Mebbe when ol' Martha Stewart gets outta jail I'll get her t' pick sum purty colours fer my boog.
I jest added yer boog t' my brand new boogroll, TimmyBoy.

alsocanadian said...

Nice to see some fellow true canadians on here! Yeeeehaaawwwww!!!!!


Darcey said...

Dude, this is wonderful! Here's to you

Len Kutchma said...

I'm definetely enjoying this unique approach to booging!

Never mind what Kinsellerfeller said, keep up the good work and you'll get noticed - it's already started actually.

Some people have no appreciation for humour or satire - most of us do.

JimBobby said...

Thankee kindly, Lenfeller. I din't take no offense from ol' Kinsellerfeller sayin' that I wooden last 6 months on accounta I might not. I aim t' be a bigtime booger like it sez in my booger profile but ol' Kinsellerfeller's right about it bein' tuff row t' hoe. So far, so good, though, an' I see that there's a goodly number been droppin' by t' see my little boog.

Yores trooly,