Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Boogers on my BoogRoll

Whooee! Ol' JimBobby's an old dog but this here boog is a-teachin' me some new tricks. I jest made me a boogroll an' it don't look too badly if'n I do say so myself. I named my boogroll Other Boogers an' it's over there on the righthand side o' my boog.

The fellers an' gals I'm a-linkin' to on this here boogroll is either them that's bin so kindly as t' leave a comment on my little boog or else theys mentioned my boog inta their boog or else theys bigtime boogers in the boogeysphere an' I'm a kissin' their backsides so's they'll mebbe cast their eyeballs on ol' JimBobby Sez.

If'n you wanna be on my boogroll, jest leave me a comment or else talk about me in yer boog or else send me some money t' help with buyin' that there minnyvan I'm wantin'. Shucks! I'm jest a-spoofin' on the "send me money" part - leastwise fer now. If I can figger out how to get me one them there PayMePal bank accounts, mebbe you can send me some dough. Fer now, I'm jest a no-account booger.

Yores trooly,

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