Thursday, February 17, 2005

General Clarkson's Gettin' Under My Skin

Whooee! I was watchin' ol' Lloyd Robertson onta the TV last night an' he was tellin' a tale what got me all in a lather 'bout ol' General Adrienne Clarkson an' her gang o' goons up t' Reedough Hall. Ol' Lloyd sed that there was this here group o' younguns takin' a guided tour o' the Reedough Hall when one o' the kids asked 'bout the lady that spends all the money fer her majestic Queen Lizzabeth o' Canadee. When the goon that was leadin' that there tour heard what the young feller sed, he throwed the whole bunch outta Reedough Hall like they's sum sorta terrists.

Yesterday I was talkin' in this here boog 'bout another lady general that bein' General Sheila Fraser an' today I'm growsin' 'bout this here General Adrienne. I don't want the gals readin' this here boog t' get the idee that ol' JimBobby's got sumpin' agin lady generals cause I ain't. I think boy generals ken do dumbass things, too, but right this minit it's a coupla lady generals is actin' all stoopidlike.

That youngun never got the answer t' his question an' I think he deserves to know where ol' General Clarkson spends the hard-earned cash she gets from ol' Pryminister Fartin' Martin an' the other remembers o' parliment. Ol' Stevie Harpoon's bin all quiet on the western front 'bout this here General Clarkson on accounta them there conservatives is all fond o' traditional stuff like boy-girl marryin' an' bowin' down t' ol' Queen Liz an' her brood o' inbred younguns.

That there youngun learnt hisself a lesson 'bout free speechifyin' an' it wern't the sorta lesson oughta bin taught at the Reedough Hall. Now I see that that there youngun's school wants t' toss'm out on his ear fer gettin' them kicked outta the Reedough Hall. Ain't that sum lesson that there princypal is givin' t' that there young feller?

I'm thinkin' if ol' Stevie wants a good place t' toss his harpoon it'd be at ol' General Adrienne's backside an' I seen in this mornin's newspaper that Harppon's talkin' tuff 'bout this here budget vote that's comin' up soon. Mebbe ol' Harpoon an' B.Linda an' PeteyBoy Mackay ken get themselves all on the same side o' the fence an' tell ol' Fartin' Martin he's gotta put the kibosh onta ol' General Clarkson an' her high an' mighty free speech killin', million dollar spendin', luxury trip takin' an' all round snooty-tooty attytude. That there's the sorta thing that would get Canajuns behind ol' Harpoon an' his bunch.

Yores trooly,


alsocanadian said...

Hey, we only have free speach if you agree with what they say!

Michael said...

SpeK goD eNglasH pLiz!

ricky said...

Hey, you made me laugh today!

Pretty entertaining talk here.

As for Harpoon. He will be be staying more than a Stonoaway from 24 Sussex until he can look at the gay folks without his mind visioning them kissing.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee kindly fer the comments, fellers. I got all 3 o' you fellers inta my boogroll now. RickFeller, you got a whole buncha boogs, I noticed, an' I wasn't too sure which o' them t' put inta my boogroll so you ken tell if I put the wrong one in there.

Yores trooly,

Len Kutchma said...

Unless the kids were somehow being unruly or disruptive tossing them out for merely asking a question is despicable. And they wonder why the young folk have no interest in politics.

With resepct to the Queen, this is one conservative who has no use for the monarchy. In fact I favour severing all ties with the crown.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Lenfeller, from what I hear tell them kids wasn't causin' no fuss or nothin' like that an' this here goon took it all on hisself t' reject them outta the Reedough Hall. What I think oughta happen is that there thug oughtta be tossed out onta the street an' sent packin'. Same goes fer that there school princypal an' also fer ol' General Clarkson herself. I'm another feller that thinks along the same lines's you, LennyBoy, that these here monarchy social butterflies oughtta be extinct now that we's in the 21st century.

Yores trooly,