Thursday, February 24, 2005

Filthy Racist Sumbitch Alert

Ol' JimBobby's got hisself a payin' job o' work t' do today an' not much time fer boogin' or fer wandrin' here an' there an' makin' comments onta my boogeysphere friends's boogs. Before I saddle up an' head out, I gotta give out a warnin' 'bout a sumbitch I crossed swords with yesterday. That sumbitch is a filthy rotten racist scumbucket an' he's proud o' the fact so I don't reckon he's gonna threaten t' soo me when I tell you that his name is Desmond Jones.

I bumped heads with ol' DesmondAsswipeRacistScum over t' General Mike Brock's boog. I ain't paintin' ol' Brockfeller with the selfsame brush Desmond painted hisself with. Mikefeller is a good man an' he waves the banner fer the Canajun Conservative Party underneath o' ol' Harpoon. This dumbass Desmond showed is ugly face in ol' Mikey's comments an' he sed that the CPC ain't doin' a good job o' bein' racist enuff.

He sed a lotta other things, too, an I thought mebbe he was bein' jokey an' I asked'm an' he sed he was deadpan serious. The things he sed were the selfsame things that them there Aryan Nations KKK Neo-Nazi brownshirt-wearin' thugfellers say an' his main point was that the CPC oughta latch onta them caveman idees an' then they'd get more fine fellers like Desmond joinin' their ranks an' votin' fer the ol' Harpoontosser an' his crew.

Since General Brock ain't a racist an' don't tolerate racist talkin' onta his boog, he erased what Desmond wrote. That's probbly a good thing 'cept it left ol' JimBobby's side o' the argument hangin' in the wind an' lookin' sorta stoopidlike without the other side t' bounce offa. Ol' Brockfeller's startin' out boog post was all 'bout Joe Volpe an' sum bad things he sed 'bout conservatives all bein' racist-type fellers an' gals. When ol' Desmond got up onta his hindlegs an'sed them things he sed, it give sum credibility to what Volpe sed an' I hope that ain't the reason ol' Brockfeller erased them racist comments.

What's got my blood presure inta the danger zone now is sum fellers is sayin' that I shouldn't have oughta argued with Desmond Jones, the racist sumbitch, on accounta fightin' dumbass racism is givin' his spew legitimacy it don't deserve. JimBobby sez HORSESHIT.

Over onta my little boogroll is the boog of a big feller from outta Oklahoma USA name o' Chris Greenfeather. Ol' Chris's boog is called "Right Wing & Right Minded" an' as he sez, he's sittin' on the righthand side o' the fence. Like I sed over in General Brock's comment department this morning, when yer an Okie an' yer on the right, yer makin' the CPC look like Troodoughmaniac choirboys.

Ol' Greenfeather has a little quote that he tacks onta each an' every boog post he writes an' it goes like this:
"The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing"
I ain't sure who it was sed that first but I think it makes a heap o' sense an' I ain't gonna stand around with my finger up my poophole when evil is spewin' forth in the Canajun boogeysphere.

So this here's a warnin'to the boogers that stop by an read what ol' JimBobby sez. If the sumbitch Desmond Jones shows hisself on yer boog comments, slap his racist piehole til it swells up so fat that no more garbagetalk spills out. If he shows up here I told'm he's gonna get hisself a double order o' JimBobby-flavoured knuckle samwitches but like I sed up at the top, I gotta go haul sum stuff this mornin' an' I might not be here t' slap his stoopid head so if anybuddy else sees him here or anywhere else I'm askin' that you don't let evil triumph an' you don't sit on yer keester an' do diddly while Desmond spews racist filth.

Yore trooly,


Andrew said...

I saw Desmond's arguments before they were erased. You're were definately in the right to give him a verbal lashing. His filth is not needed.

Babbling Brooks said...

JB, stop beating around the bush and tell us how you really feel. ;)

alsocanadian said...

Hey Jimbob.
You havnt been around that long (neither have I) but I think we all know where youre coming from. I wouldnt worry how your post looks.
I also agree with you, I dont like this "ignore it and it will go away" bull. Just ask Billybob Clinton how well that works!
As for the new job, just quit and go on the dole! The Libs will be raising it soon Im sure. You got us hooked, dont cut us off!

Darcey said...

"The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph Is For Good Men To Do Nothing"

It is a variant of a Burke quote based off an older essay - "When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle"

Judging these other comments I'm sure your not alone.

Bloogers Byline said...

right on the money there JimBobby.showed yor piece ta Jimmie Stoneboat he thinks we should take that Desmond shit ice fishin with us nexttime sos he can hold on ta our bait gonna needn a bigger hole fer him but thats no problem i dont discriminate against anybody cept maybe Melt Moore an not all da time cuz i dont like the colour of his polyticks.

Christopher Lee said...

Thanks for the link JimBobby.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Andyboy, sum fellers got the idee I ain't such a sharp tack an' I spose that's on accounta the way I write up my little boog. I was sharp enuff t' copy everything that ol' Desmond sed before General Brock erased it. I got it pasted in a *.txt file an' I ain't figgered out whether I might need it or not but I'm glad I got it saved in case I wanna print it out an' cram it up Desmond's poophole.

Yer right, Babbler, I shouldn't oughta be so namby-pamby usin' minced up words 'bout this asswipe. I hear tell it ain't healthy t' keep things bottled up like that.

Al Socanajun, thankee fer yer support. Yer the kind o' feller I'd want beside me in a good ol' donnybrook. The new job ain't new. I jest help out movin' big screen TV's an' washin' machines an' stuff like that every little bit an' get sum under the table beer money. It's only jest after one o' clock an I'm already done sluggin' fer the day.

Darceyfeller, thankee fer tellin' who sed that thing. I figgered I could go googlin' fer it but I also figgered if I sed it sumbuddy smart'd know where it come from an' clue me in.

Whooee! BloogerBoy, you an' I speak the selfsame lingo. I was jest over t' yer boog an' I recommend it t' everbuddy else readin' JimBobby Sez. That fishin' by way o' dynomight sounds like it ain't so borin' as standin' around with a fishin' pole an' one measly hook. I like yer idee o' gettin' ol' Desmond Numbnuts holdin' onta the ice fishin' minnows. Sounds like the perfect job fer that sumbitch.

Chrisfeller, the thanks goes t' you fer puttin' that there quote onta yer boog. It sez jest what I'm thinkin' when it comes t' dealin' with dickweeds like this here Desmondfeller.

Yores trooly,

Anonymous said...

Jeez, sounds like you had quite the little set to over there JimBobby, I'm actually sorry I missed it all but I think I got the gist of it from your comments.

Unfortunately there are dim bulbs in every pack - looks like this Desmond fella is the burnt one.

ricky said...

Dear buddy,

Just wanted to say sorry I missed the Alert. You are right on and I have to add, I have never seen someone storm forward in as an effective manner as you have.

You remind us of some of the things our parents taught us.



JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer sayin' them nice things, RickBoy. I know we sumtimes get t' thinkin' our ol' Pappy an Ma weren't the sharpest hooks in the tacklebox but you sound like you got sum respect fer yer Ma & Pa an' I take yer comment as a fine compliment.

Yores trooly,

Anonymous said...

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