Friday, February 18, 2005

The Orangecoats are Comin'

Whooee! Ol' General Adrienne got her adriennalin all elevatored 'bout this here young Jeremy feller gettin' throwed outta the Reedough Hall like I was yammerin' on about yesterday. Now, the General's fallin' all over herself sayin' she's sorry such a terrible thing happened inside o' her house an' won't the youngun come back sometime an' have a cup o' tea. An' pore little Jeremy sez he's sorry, too. What in hell has Jeremy got t' be sorry 'bout is what I'm wondrin'. I guess when sumbuddy tells you they's sorry then you come back at 'em with a pologee o' yer own all automatic-like.

I seen ol' General Clarkson in her dayglow orange overcoat onta Lloyd Robertson's TV show last night flappin' her gums t' all the mainstreet media fellers what was all crowded round the front door o' the Reedough Hall. The manistreeters sez she's a-runnin' in fullspeed damage control mode. If she wants t' control the damages then why ain't she trotted out that there tour-guidin' goon what caused the mess in the firstest place an' made him grovel an' kiss ass t' the press an' ol' Jeremy an' the Canajuns who's all in a rightful lather 'bout free speechifyin'?

An' now the General's a-barkin' out orders t' JeremyBoy that he's gotta write her a thousand word piece 'bout the role o' the Gumner General. If that don't beat all! How 'bout the General Adrienne write up a thousand words on that selfsame thing. I'm bettin' there's plenty o' Canajuns that'd be keen t' know jest who this here General Clarkson thinks she is.

Yores trooly,

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