Friday, February 25, 2005

Wandrin' in the Canajun Boogeysphere

Bein' new t' this here Canajun boogeysphere, I figger the best way t' learn how t' be a top notch booger is t' take a looksee here an' there an' see what the fellers an' gals on the AlreadyTopNotch List (A-List, fer short) are doin'. One o' the things I seen'm do is make a list o' shorty notes 'bout what other boogers is sayin'. RobertyBob McClelland makes such sorta list once a week an' he calls his the Cavalcade of Canucks. RobertyBob's been kind enuff t' mention ol' JimBobby Sez once or twice an' I'm mighty grateful to'm fer sendin' sum folks over.

Now I ain't gonna steal ol' RobertyBob's thunder an' try t' start my own cavalcade but ever once in a bit, I might not have any smartyass stuff o' my own t' blather 'bout so I might make a list o' shorty notes an' links an' post'm here inta my little boog. So far today, I ain't seen too many stories in the Yahoo News or the CBC that tickle my fancy fer boogin' so I thought I'd pull a leaf outta the A-List's looseleaf notebook.

Here goes.

Ol' Warrin' Kinsellerfeller has got sum advice posted up fer the leader o' the opposin' side, Stevie Harpoon. Kinsellerfeller sez ol' Harpoon let Fartin' Martin's gang off too easy 'bout the budget an' the opposin' side oughtn't be cheerleadin' Good Ale's number-crunchin'.

Ol' Jayfeller Currie has got sum advice posted up fer the leader o' the opposin' side, Stevie Harpoon. Currypowder sez ol' Harpoon let Fartin' Martin's gang off too easy 'bout the budget an' the opposin' side oughtn't be cheerleadin' Good Ale's number-crunchin'.

If you like walkin' back an' forth, go an' read what the StageCoachDriver over t' Stageleft sez an' click onta his link back t' JimBobby Sez. Then click here t' get back on the StageCoach. Then click t' come back here. A tip o' my toque t' the StageCoachDriver.

The funniest boog I ever seen yet in this here Canajun boogeysphere is Bloogers Byline. Sum fellers an' gals might find Blooger's writin' harder t' read than ol' JimBobby's on accounta Bloogerfeller don't use too many capital letters an' hardly ever uses possterfees an' don't put dots at the end o' every sentence. Anybuddy that ken wade through my way o' writin' won't have too many troublems readin' ol' Blooger an' he's a damn funny feller, no two ways about it. Best way t' figger out ol' Bloogfeller is to start at the beginnin' when they first start gettin' wind that a WalMarket's comin' t' town.

Now I know that one other time I sed that the fellers an' gals who write fer ol' Elvis's Egroup was all left-wing liberal Troodoughmaniacs but I see I might o' been a bit quick on the draw. Jest lately, I seen they got themselves sum Harpoontossers boogin' there like Inspector Normy an' Donfeller who's visited my comments department a time or two.

Ol' Inspector Norman shoots his musket over t' the Shotgun, too. I ain't 100% sure whether or not them Shotgunners ever really shot a gun or if they know buckshot from birdshit. Today, I see one of'm is on 'bout the Global Warmin'Oven tellin' how the cold is makin' it warm. Mebbe it's sorta like the backside o' my fridgerator gettin' warm when the inside's all frosty.

Ol' PollyWolly Inkwells is jest back from cavortin' over in Yerp with Fartin' Martin and his merry band. He's yappin' 'bout the are-we-or-ain't-we ballstick missile fence an' ol' Pryminister Fartin' Martin makin' waves in the time & space continue-um.

I swore off commentin' in General Brock's boog on accounta there's sum dimwits there an' they get my blood pressure so elevatored that I woke up with a nosebleed at 5:07 this mornin'. Even though I ain't speakin' up in Mikey's comments section, I'm still readin' what he's attackin'. Like sum other fellers I already mentioned, he's yamerin' 'bout the ballstick missiles an' MAD (not the magazine) an' WAS (not the past tense of "to be") an' sovereignty-association with the Merkins.

The Gazetteer has hisself a boog 'bout sovereignty-association, too. It's gotta catchy title: Ambassadors Up The YinYang. He's got sum both-sides-o-the-coin quotes 'bout Frankfeller McKenna an' ol' PollyWolly Celucci, the Merkin who likes tellin' Canajuns what's what.

Ol' Darcey Broomsweeper's doing sumpin' like what I'm doin' an pointin' folks t' sum o' the boogers he's been visitin' in the boogeysphere. He's got hisself sum that I ain't seen yet an' I'm gonna set aside sum time in my busy schedule t' take a looksee. He mentioned ol' JimBobby an' I thank'm kindly fer that even though he sorta sed I was a redneck which I ain't. Since I got me this here computer, I ain't hardly seen the sun much less got a sunburn.

CathiefromCanadee is a sweet little gal on the left side o' the fence an' on the right side o' the selfsame sexy marryin' argument. She's talkin' 'bout sumpin' I seen ol' Currypowder talkin' 'bout, too, an' that's this here meetin' o' Anglican Primates where the chimps an' apes sed they don't want the Canajuns or the Merkins t' be in the same primate monkey family with the rest o' the world on accounta them going along with boy-boy girl-girl monkey bizness an' lettin' that queer feller monkey around with the bishop's hat down in Noo England.

Theresa in the Heart o' Canadee has got a few sharp an' pointy words fer the fellers an' gals that write up the Conservative Party o' Canadee newsletter on accounta them makin' a big ol' plug fer Monty Soilburger's brand new boog while they been lookin' the other way 'bout all the other good boogers wavin' the CPC banner flag. Ol' TZ is on pins an' needles over the comin' up CPC policy donnybrook that's sposed t' be happenin' soon.

Over t' Bound Up by Gravity Pullin' Down, Andrewfeller is doin' like ol' JimBobby an' posted up a list o' quick links that look like sum good readin'.

I think that's all I got time t' put inta my linky loveletter list fer the day. I hear tell that sumtimes this booger tool gobbles up yer boog post an' I figger I better hit the orange Publish Post button before sumpin' goes wacky an' my nose starts t' bleed again.

Yores trooly,


Anonymous said...

JimBobby, I love your boog.

Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd write.

Anonymous said...

I love the term "boog".

Sincerey, Ti-Guy.

Dean said...

Hi JimBobby,

Are you by any chance related to Uncle Bob? ;) A recent column of his was titled Liberals ain't doin' right by decent folk from Page 6 of the Feb 26, 2005 Woolwich Observer

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee kindly fer them there comments, fellers. I ain't sure if wrinkled time is a feller or a gal but thankee, wrinkler. I been writin' a few things I din't think of before, too.

Deanfeller, I ain't gotta Uncle Bob. My ol' Pappy's name was Bob - BobJimmy, actually - but from the way that feller writes, I'd say we have sum o' the selfsame kin or elsewise mebbe we went t' the selfsame schoolhouse.

Uncle Bob seems like a sensible feller, no two ways. That link o' yers is fer a 24 page PDF an' that's no troublem fer JimBobby on accounta I'm ridin' in the fast lane o' information tollroad. I jest thought I'd better give out a warnin' message fer the fellers an' gals that is so far outta town they can't get onta the fast lane.

I spose that Uncle Bob o' yers writes up that newspaper story every week an' gets paid sum dough fer doin' it. Hot damn! Mebbe sum bigtime mainstreet media magnet'll offer up a paid writin' job t' ol' JimBobby. Or mebbe not. Thankee fer showin'm to me.

Yores trooly,

RossK said...


Stay the hell away from the BTMSMMs!

No Minivan you can imagine is worth the price you would have to pay to work for one of them.

Len Kutchma said...

Go for it JB! It's a good idea to feature what other like-minded bloggers are talking about. I did a roundup of the BloggingTories about a month ago and it damn near took me all night - but it was worth it!! Lots of great reading!!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer the advice, Lenfeller an' Gazettefeller. I'm gonna probbly end up makin' a shorty list o' links like this evertime I can't find nuthin' that gets my dander up fer writin' a regular boog post.

I ain't thinkin' the mainstreeters is beatin' a path t' ol' JimBobby's door. 'Course, I ain't told anybuddy jest where that door might be so they'd have a tuff time. They ain't been emailin', though, an' I reckon that'll be the first thing they'll do when they wanna get me writin' my words o' wisdom fer the Globe or the Post or mebbe the Lloyd Robertson TV News Show. I sure do want that there minnyvan, Gazetteer, but yer probbly right an' sellin' my soul t' the MainStreetMedia could be the ruin o' me.

Yores trooly,