Saturday, February 12, 2005

Around the Canajun Boogeysphere

So I been doin' some wandrin' around this here Canajun boogeysphere an' I see that they got themselves all bamboozled about right an' left. This here flag-wavin' feller Brooks sez "left is never right." Then there's this here other flag-flyin' feller Robert who sez "the right is wrong." Polyticks! All this here polyticks is confusin'. I don't know whether to wind my dinner or swallow my watch.

Seems these Canajun boogers all got their knickers in a knot over this here walmart deal. This here pogge guy sez that the unions can't make up their mind whether to boycott walmart or not. What I'm wondrin' is if the store's closed how they gonna boycott? Then there's these here Shotgun folks. Whooee! They get themselves all riled. Theys all worried about the crazy Q-beckers maybe gonna bomb that there walmart. Guess them Q-beckers got a histry a bombin' things like mailboxes.

I stumbled onto this here E Group. This Elvis guy that runs the show over there sez its sposed to be all fair an' balanced polyticks. Looks to me like there all left wing liberal lovin' Troodoughmaniac leftovers from the hippie-dippie sixties. Ol' Elvis sez he wears sock n sandals like that's some kinda good thing.

I'd like to see all them there Shotgunners get into a bare-knuckle boxin' match with them there Egroupers. By the Jesus boys I'm bettin' the fur would fly in that there pissin' contest.

Speakin' of pissin' I'm seein' that this here Canajun boogeysphere ain't all polyticks. There's this here cordeen player Joey seems pretty big. He's on about that chess playin' pisstank I talked about yesterday. Ol' Joey looks like he does okay with the ladies. I heard tell that the babes like cordeen players on accounta they know how to push the right buttons.

Well friends, Ol' Spot's runnin' around in circles at the back door. I'd better get him out before there's any more pissin' goin' on.

Yores trooly,

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