Monday, February 14, 2005

If you liked the gun registry, yer gonna luv this

I was just havin' a gander at the ol' CBC news an' I see this here story 'bout them there Liberals a-wantin' t' move the civilian servants out t' the boonies. More servants is always a good thing. Ma could use some help with the nappie-washin' an I'd sorta like someone t' fetch me a beer when the younguns is busy with book-learnin'. Them 3 pitbulls bin a-crappin' in the yard all winter an' a servant could tidy it up some. Might even find that there motorsickle what got lost in the tall grass.

When it comes t' servants, I say the same as ol' Dubya - bring 'em on.

The onliest troublem I'm a-seein' with this here servant dealie is that the one sposed t' run the show is the same one runnin' that there gun registry. Now I don't know 'bout you but whooeee t' my way o' thinkin' that there gun list is a-gratin' on my ol' nerves. I'm sure glad the same folks ain't a-runnin' the beer store elsewise a two-four'd cost 'bout 3000 smackers.

Cordin' t' the CBC, the one runnin' this here show is someone name o' Marionette Fill-me-in. Sounds t' me like some sorta hungry puppet an' judgin' by the cost o' that there gun thingy, this here marionette's piggy bank is a-gonna be needin' a whole lotta fillin' in.

So here's what I gotta say on this here civilian servant deal. I'll take all them there servants they can dish out long as I don't hafta pay any dough on accounta I'm a-savin' my dough fer a minnyvan. I was just tellin' ol' Currypowder yesterday that I'm a-hopin' that there goalie feller Dryden's gonna coff up the dough fer my minnyvan.

Yores trooly,


RossK said...

Hey JB--

me laughin' (and thinkin') pretty hard at all this.....

And was good of you to come to Cathie's defense over at RM's place, not that I think she needs it, 'cause she's pretty tough.

JimBobby said...

Thankee fer chimin' in, Gazetteer. I'm a-thinkin' yer probbly right 'bout ol' Cathie bein' a tough customer. That there yankee feller jest got ol' JimBobby's dander up a-talkin' thataway an' when that happens I get spinnier'n a button on a shithouse door.

I jest took me a gander at yer boog an' by the sweet lovin' Jesus boy, you got me all confuddled 'bout this here Gannon Guckster feller. I ain't bin a-follerin' that there tale on accounta I bin busy with my boog an' lookin' at Canajun stuff. Sounds like ol' Dubya's gang is tryin' t' paint a nasty pitcher o' this here Guck feller on accounta he's a queer. Here in my neck o' the woods we don't worry much 'bout who's a-puttin' it t' who 'ceptin' if some prevert's violatin' some other feller's livestock. I hear tell it's different down in the USofA an' they get all crazy as pigs in a peach grove if some feller wants t' bugger some other feller. Whooee! You'd o' thought they got better stuff t' get riled about like pore folks an' proper book-learnin'.

Anonymous said...

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