Saturday, February 19, 2005

Mr. Dithers, the Pryminister o' Canadee

Whooee! I see onta the CBC that ol' Pryminster Fartin' Martin's homeboys is all gatherin' round an' comin' t' the defense on accounta this here limey magazine article that called him Mr. Dithers. When the fellers at that there Economist magazine starts up findin' fault with PollyWolly Martin, his own gang knows that they gotta get up on their hind legs an' say good things 'bout their bossman on accounta that's the way things work in polyticks even if the connymist magazine writin' fellers was right.

Sumpin' that caught ol' JimBobby's eyeball on last Monday or Tuesday was this here cartoon drawin' feller Fewings had hisself a funny comic pitcher o' the Pryminister Martin an' he called him Mr. Dithers. I stole the cartoon yer lookin' at from offa ol' Fewings's website but you ken click yer mouse onto it an' see a bigger one that's easier on the eyeballs.

Now this here limey magazine is callin' ol' Fartin' Martin by the selfsame Mr. Dithers nickname. When a Canajun like ol' JohnnyBoy Fewings did the name-callin', the Pryminister's gang din't take no notice but now they's all huffy an' puffy back at the limeys like they's more important. The limeys gotta cartoon pitcher inta their website, too, an' I'm wondrin' if they got the idee from ol' Fewings. Course, the Mr. Dithers name comes from that there Dagwood Bumsted cartoon comic strip so they both sorta stole that.

Now, the reason that everbuddy's callin' ol' Martin by the name Mr. Dithers is on accounta he's a wishy-washy go with the flow kinda feller who's tryin' t' make everbuddy happy as Larry. Well, my ol' Pappy used t' say that you can't please all o' the folks all o' the time. I don't think my ol' Pappy made that up an' you'd think ol' Farty Marty might o' heard that once or twice hisself an' paid sum tension.

That there limey magazine sez they think mebbe this here pryminister job is too bigguva chore fer ol' Fartin' Martin an' mebbe they's right an' mebbe they ain't but it's Canajuns who's gotta live underneath of him an' not the limeys an' we ken tell ol' Farty Marty we want sumbuddy new next time we get an election vote. Mebbe by then ol' StevieBoy'll quit wasting all o' his time onta fightin' the selfsame sexy marryin' law an' get hisself down t' brass tacks.

Yores trooly,


lance said...

Well, Jiminey Cricket, as you may have read on my blogsite, it seemed to me after the election that pundits and opposition members alike were warning Paul Martin 'not to govern as though he had a Majority'.

And now that he has taken the advice to heart and is consulting with the Provinces and holding town meetings, calling Official Inquiries into past mismanagement---now that he is also consulting with opposition members over what they feel ought to be given importance in the budget---NOW everyone decides he should be labelled a 'ditherer'.

They used to say: "What does Quebec want?" Well, I think the question has become "What does Canada want?"

Personally, I think it is a breath of fresh air to have a Liberal Government that isn't for once ruling from on high. I like this Prime Minister. And I haven't liked too many of them as they've gone by.

Thanks for your down-to-earth wisdom. But does a Canadian end up sounding like he comes from the Ozarks?

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer yer comment, LanceFeller. It's mighty nice t' know that sumbuddy's havin' a gander at my scribblin'.

I get what yer sayin' 'bout ol' Fartin' Martin being betwixt a rock an' a hard place. Among my interests that I listed onta my booger profile was growsin' an' bitchin' an' pissin' an' moanin' so I guess I'm better at that than at seein' things from the politician's side o' the fence. I spose it's what sum folks call a character flaw an' I'll keep a mind of it when I'm doin' my preachy pontifycatin'.

Yores trooly,

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