Friday, August 12, 2005

Kinsella, Eat Yer Heart Out

Whooee! Time flies when yer havin' fun, sez I. Back on February the 10th, I started up this little boog. I reckon it's mostly been fun an' I met sum good fellers an' gals an' a couplafew dumbasses. I don't reckon I'm what anybuddy'd call a bigtime booger, yet, but I'm still boogin'.

Back on February the 13th, I posted up a boog story called Canajun Boogers at War an' that's when I got my very first comment at JimBobby Sez. The firstest comment I ever got here was from a bigtime booger an' a one-time Liberal Prince o' Darkness, Warn Kinsellerfeller.

Here's what ol' Warrin' sed --
Fuck, man. That stuff must be hard to write. If it's hard to read, it must be harder to write.

I predict you won't last six months, but I'm notoriously pessimistic!


Now, I ain't gonna bitch that the very first word o' the very first comment I ever got was "Fuck". If I had my d'ruthers, there'd be a few words I'd'ruther not see on my boog but I'm a free speech advocate an' Warn weren't doin' any slanderin' or puttin' me inta legal jeopardy by usin' the f-word.

The meat an' bones o' Kinsellerfeller's comment was 'bout my way o' writin' an' he was right as rain 'bout it bein' hard t' write this way. When I was a jest-startin'-out booger, him sayin' I wouldn't last six months was sorta like he was throwin' down the gauntlet.

N'ya, n'ya, n'ya , n'ya, nya-n'ya, WarrenBoy. It's been jest over six months an' I'm still boogin' t' beat the band.

I reckon I owe Kinsellerfeller a big thankee, though. There's been a time or two when I thought 'bout throwin' in the boogin' towel but whenever that happened, I thought 'bout the very firstest comment t' my boog an' 'bout ol' WarrenFeller an' I dragged my sorry ass up t' the keyboard an' hammered out a rantin' ravin' boog story.

Thankee fer the kick in the ass, Kinsella.

Yores trooly,


Lex Luthor said...

Spite is great motivation tool! Congrats on 6 months.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee, LexFeller. I jest added yer name t' my boogroll an' I'll be tryin' t' drop by most days. I'm keen on Green.


Anonymous said...

Here's to many more months, JB!

Anonymous said...


With your unique style and very creative wit, not to mention your ~cough~ excellent singing and song writing skills,... I think it is safe to say that you will always be grabbing a bit of the spot light.

Unique and creative minds that aren't afraid to speak out will always do well.

Congrats on 6 months, and here's to the next 60! You'll go far hillbilly!


buckets said...

Let me join the others, JimBobby, in congratulating you on your anniversary. To many more months of blooging.

DazzlinDino said...

WTG JB, congrats, keep 'em comin Hoss.....

Darcey said...

Congrads and here is to another 6 months! Cheers

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer them kind words, fellers. I reckon I'll hang in an' keep on boogin' even though I got my six-month sentence served.

The bestest part 'bout boogin', I figger, is gettin' t' jaw an' yammer with fellers an' gals from all 'cross this great home an' native land. An' sum Merkins, too. An' also there's been royalty drop by like Princess Monkey an' aliens like Yoda.

Ol' JimBobby may not be nuthin' more'n literary device but he's got hisself a few boogeysphere friends an' makin' friends is always a good thing, sez I.


Youngfox said...

Don' ya go a frettin' aboot no Kinsella.
He is a pretty good writer and I often agree with his take on thangs but his head is so fucking big, I think its involuntarily brushing up against my front door right now.
Don't y'all go changing.
If ya wuz ta axe me ,
“Youngfox is ya fer or agin it?”
I’d say "I’m all fer Jimmybob".
Keep on keepin’ on…

Rob Cottingham said...

Hard to believe it's only been six months, cos you're now a Canadian blogging fixture. (Actually, I guess in Internet time that's a century or so.)

The hell with another six months -- I want to be able to keep reading JimBobby Sez six million years from now while the radioactive mutant cockroaches pound at my door under the heat of a swollen sun.

If that's not too much to ask, JB.

Dr.Dawg said...

Y'all hang in there, JimBobby! I's jest an ol' dawg, but I nose what I nose, an' yer on the good side.

Anonymous said...

Glad I found your blog. It is full of great information.

Princess Monkey said...

Here's to six months JB. I for one adore your way o writin. It's pretty unique to find a person who expresses his outrage (of the week) with humour. You have a lot of insightful things to say and you crack me up. Here in the blogosphere, many of us set about to share our solutions to the world's problems. That can get kinda dismal - you provide an antidote to that. Thanks and keep it up!!

Balbulican said...

I think one blog month is the equivalent of fourteen dog months, or 21 kilo pascales per joule.

Err...whatever. Long time. Good work, compdadre!

RossK said...

So, where's the KFeller?

Is it possible that he is upset that not none of Jim Bobby's audio-odes to our great country has had a single reference to Winnipeg within it?


Where's the Weaker Thans when you need 'em.

Robert McBean. said...

You often make my day.

ricky said...

I enjoy your commentary JimBobby, kinda reminds me of the Chilcotin and a few folks I worked with.

Little war on squirrels, - what is the situation, do you have an exit plan out there in the bush?

Ol' Spot - What's happening with Spot, no word latey?

Keep it up, this "selfsame sexy marryin'guy" is having a ball!

Anonymous said...

Kinsella is one of those bloggers who used to be on my blog roll but recently left it as I have a few fundamental issues with helping to promote a blog (however well written or thoughtful) where the readership isn't allowed to get their 2 cents worth in on the matter at hand without a darned good reason for that.

Y'all just keep hanging in there, and allowing folks to have their say... a day without a JimBobby post is like starting a day with weak coffee; and this is the third day in a row ya missed, and on a Monday no less :-)

Anonymous said...

only 6 months ?? why ya young wappersnapper I coulda swore it was longer than a years lovin on the side of a hill

Cathie from Canada said...

Hey, congrats.
I thought this Kinsella comment was pretty insulting at the time and I hoped you would prove him wrong. Congrats

canukistan said...

Good on ya JimBooby, even if you are a bit pinko.

Janie For Mayor said...

Wow. Six months of Jim Bobby. It seems more like half a year.

Blog on, buddy!

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