Wednesday, August 03, 2005

There is a House in Ottawa (song, audio)

Whooee! Well, I know I booged 'bout Fartin' Martin an' the senate earlier on. but that there undemocratic, unelected senate gets under my skin so I wrote me a little song. My song's 'bout the upper house o' parliment an' it's set t' the tune 'bout anuther house o' ill repute called the House of the Rising Sun.

I made up a audio recordin' fer yer lissenin' pleasure. It's 'specially mournful soundin' an' like always, I'm all capella-like without any banjo-pickin' or cordeen playin' or nuthin'.

Click right here fer the mp3 audio.
The House in Ottawa

There is a house in Ottawa,
Called the senate o' Canadee,
An' it's been the gravy train for many a fat cat,
Now five more are ridin' free.

Pryminister Fartin' Martin frets
'Bout the deficit in democracy,
But thanks to him the unelected house
Has five more ridin' free.

Now, we got Senator Larry Campbell,
Better known as DaVinci,
The coroner mayor o' Vancouver town,
Is one more ridin' free.

An' Senator Hughey Segal,
Lyin' Brian'd be happy to see,
There's gravy train seats for Red Tories, now,
An' Segal's ridin' free.

Martin's a sly one, there ain't no doubt,
With one stone he took out three,
Female, French and Conservative, too,
Champagne is ridin' free.

A couple more Liberal buddy boys
Bagman Zimmer an' Dawson, MP.
Hopped aboard the gravy train,
Where there's five more ridin' free.

Now, mothers, tell your children,
T' fight for democracy.
An unelected upper house just ain't right,
Where Senators ride for free.
An' I gotta thank Johnny Fewings, the cartoon drawin' feller, fer lettin' me post my mp3 audio boogs up ont' his website space. Thankee again, JohnFeller.

Yores trooly,


Darcey said...

Wonderful! I have to wait till I get highspeed to hear it but I'm looking forward to it.

ricky said...

Good tune. Let's just abolish the whole darn thing, use the money we save to build some affordable housing!