Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Harpoon: 1, Fartin' Martin: minus 5

Whooee! Most times when I got sumpin' t' say 'bout Stevie Harpoon it ain't good. But, dang it, I like givin' credit where credit's due. I seen a story that sez the HarpoonTossers has got'n idee fer helpin' out the folks who ride the bus an' the subway an' mebbe the GO train. I reckon the Big-C's come up with a not bad idee.

Now the way I hear tell, Harper wants t' give back sum tax money t' fellers an' gals who don't drive cars or SUV's t' work an' ride the transit instead. Well sir, anything that gets a few chokin' smokin' autymobiles offa the road is good fer Canadee, sez I. We're killin' our stoopid selves with poison air pollution an' Harpoon's tax rebate idee can't hurt.

I seen a coupla other fellers talkin' on this an one feller asked 'bout the pore folks who ride the bus but don't pay much tax. That does make fer a small troublem with Harpoon's idee but I reckon them smartypantses at CCRA could figger out sum sorta tax credit an' give sum dough t' the pore fellers an' gals who ride the subway on accounta they can't afford t' drive a SUV.

I reckon the simplest thing'd be jest t' give money t' the transit outfits so's they could cut the cost of a ticket down an' sum folks'd have enuff left over fer a cup o' Horton's on the way t' work. But I reckon Harpoon's got an easier job sellin' tax cuts than he'd get sellin' a bigger subsidy t' the TTC. Smart polyticks.

Now, the other feller flippin' burgers in Canadee this Summer is Pryminister Polly Wolly Fartin' Martin. Ol' Fartin' Martin jest appointed 5 new senators t' the Canajun Senate. A few days ago, I give Harpoon shit fer floggin' a dead horse in the selfsame sexy marryin' department. Well, Martin's floggin' a dead horse by addin' t' the roster o' senators.

I sed one other time I reckon the upper house senate's a gravy train polytickle patronage retirement home fer friends o' pryministers. I also come out fer reform an' Triple-E don't scare me none. Polly Boy oughtn't be feedin' the pot, sez I.

It don't matter t' me if Fartin' Martin appointed a coupla Conservatives or if he appointed sum First Nations or if he appointed Domenic DaVinci or my Aunt Nelly. The dang senate's a undemocratic, useless throwback t' the days o' royal pain in the ass bluebloods. We don't need no unelected ol' farts settin' up in Ottywa takin' fatass salaries fer doin' diddly-squat.

The GritFellers oughta either reform the senate or lose it, altogether. Don't keep handin' out polyticle plums t' yer buddies. That's a tradition that shoulda wore out 50 years ago.

Yores trooly,


BULLSEYE said...

The way I see it, this could be anywhere from truly enlightening to completely pointless and stupid.

Eddie said...


Anonymous said...

Actually the best approach would be to do both. A tax credit for riders and increased funding to mass transit, and that would include national passanger rail transit (VIA).

You need to increase the willingness of the public to ride, but you also need to ensure that the ride is there as well.

It is good to see a progressive idea coming out of the CPC for a change. If they keep this up they may even starting running a positive platform.

ricky said...

I saw this and thought the CPC was on the right track. A tax credit would be good if it returns money to the marginaly employed. Ie those working for minimum wage or just above.

Thes people rarely are able to save even enough to buy a monthly pass let alone a yearly pass.

It will help those working for large employers as they will get discounted passes and they generally make more money than others.

Money for more transit must go along with theis scheme. Kudos as you say, when they earn them and this is one for Harper!

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