Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ol' Spot an' the War on Squirrels

Whooee! Well friends, in a comment t' my last boog story, Ricky Barnes asked 'bout ol' Spot an' my War on Squirrels so I reckon I'll bring everybuddy up t' date.

Ol' SpotOl' Spot's doin' dandy. As sum of you might recall, ol' Spot's really not too old. He ain't 2 years old yet an' he's still learnin' lotsa stuff. Him bein' a border collie makes him among the smartypants dogs o' the world an' he's showin' it not bad. Lately, I been workin' on gettin' the little feller t' stick near me when we's out walkin' in the football field an' there's other folks 'round.

He's a sheepherdin' breed an' he likes chasin' stuff like bikes an' jeeps an' 18 wheelers an' garbage trucks an' snow plows an' moms pushin' baby strollers an' ol' gals with walkers an' old boys drivin' mobility carts. I figger he's tryin' t' herd alla them things together when he lights out an' runs circles 'round 'em. He's startin' t' catch on that he can't chase after every movin' thing he sees.

The soybean field where Spot got walked last year got planted in corn this year. Cornfields ain't good dog walkin' grounds like beanfields is. If ol' Spot gets chasin' a rabbit or groundhog through that there corn, he's likely t' get all cut up. On accounta that, ol' Spot gets his walks over t' the ball park this summer.

As fer the damn squirrels, they been stickin' t' the outdoors an' I ain't had any o' the varmints scrabblin' 'round in my attic an' walls, lately. Fall's comin', though, an' spring an' fall's when they seem t' invade. We had a danged ol' raccoon up in the attic an' Ma give up on my manly abilities t' rid our house an' home o' vermin. She called in sum expert feller who looked jest like Dalton Ginty an' he went in the attic an' did sum voodoo incantations an' sprinkled sum magic potions an' powders all 'round. He charged a arm an' a leg but Ma sed she figgered it was best an' Ma's right more often'n me.

Ol' Spot sez he wants t' go over t' the park an' chase the ball fer a spell so here we go.

Yores trooly,


Zorpheous said...

Bordercollie's are my favourate breed of dog. Extremely small, very protective of their family (great for watch the kids), friendly, nice look dog breed, high energy and love to play. They can be difficult to train, but it only requires time and praise for your legged friend.

Can you teach Ol Spot to bite Mr. Harpoon? Or maybe pee on his leg at least? LOL ;-)

Nice light hearted post JimBobby, I'm sure others will agree.

Mark Richard Francis said...

I love dogs, but I'm not sure I'd like one smarter than myself.


PR said...

That's an awesome picture.

ricky said...

Thanks for the update JimBobby! I have been wondering as I said about those pesky squirrels and Spot, especially since my daughter gave me a pom/toypoodle in May.

His name is Tigger and he figures he is one. When I got him he wasn't much bigger than a Squirrel, though he never let that stop him. Having just gone by 5 months on earth he has grown.

I suspect the Squirrel isn't as brave these days!

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