Monday, August 29, 2005

Slow Boogin' - Here's Why

Whooee! Well friends, it's been some time since I done any boogin'. I been busy down t' the community centre here in my little burg an' I ain't had the time or energy fer writin' up boog stories. Our community centre troublems started way back in 1974 when Billy Davis was premier o' Ontariariario an' crammed regional gummint down our throats. That was when my little town got sorta erased offa the map an' we lost our town council, our police department, our PUC an' our town hall.

The local gummint moved t' the county seat an' my little town turned inta one o' many squabblin' burgs lookin' fer sum attention from the county. The new regional gummint numbnutses sed our community centre weren't needed no more an' they let it run t' rack an' ruin. Finally, they sed they wanted t' divest themselves o' the broken down buildin'. Sum good folks 'round town got together an' bought the old place from the county an' they raised up sum dough an' now they're fixin' up that old hulk of a place so's it can be a community centre like the town fathers wanted when they built it back in 1902.

I been puttin' in sum volunteer time scrapin' paint an' doin' other stuff like that an' that's why I ain't had time fer my little boog.

My boog readers ain't fergot 'bout me, though, an' a couple of 'em is eggin' me on t' post sum boogs. Ricky Barnes left a comment on my mermaid post that sez I oughtn't hold back on my postin' up a audio boog o' my little schoolyard ditty 'bout Three Irishmen. I'll do that as soon as I get me a chance. Timmy the G over t' Voice in the Widerness wants t' know what sorta super hero I'd like t' be. I'll get sumpin' posted up on that purty soon, too.

Thankee fer the kicks in the ass, RickFeller an' TimFeller. Keep yer eyes an' ears peeled fer sum JimBobby pearls o' wisdom.

Yores trooly,